Sunday, July 5, 2015

COMPUTER Technology And The Modern World

  Xpresstz       Sunday, July 5, 2015

COMPUTER (Technology): Word “COMPUTER” has been derived from the LATIN Word “Computer” which is the meaning “Reckon up”.Ligtning speed,Super accuracy,High reliability,Un-matched integrity etc, are some characteristics of a computer.There is hardly any field of human activity where it is not used (Computer).They are tireless and marvellous machine, man’s wonderful brain-child and can be perform complicated and calculation instantly.A Computer can execute over a million instructions per-second and that to as many times as you like and with out any mistake.It has proved a match-less friend and servant of Science,Technology and Industry.

The APICATION of Computer are many.They are used in the field of Engineering,it is helping a-lot.Computer are also helps in Designing for example building structure,finding the correct and effective material mixtures and safety measures for earth quakes and sound-proof rooms.

COMPUTER Technology in the hands of businessmen



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