Sunday, July 19, 2015

Do You Know How To Spot A Good Woman That She Love You?

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Apparently, discussions about the things to look for in a woman as old as marriage itself but with changing times – equal opportunities, feminism and all – the traditional qualities of good women have largely changed. So how do you spot a good woman in the 21st century?

Here are the 15 basic things to look for,

1.She does not try to change you (accepts you the way you are).

2.She enjoys being around you always, not only when you are doing things to please her

3.She does all she can to make you happy, often sacrificing her own time and effort

4.She is contented with herself, does not always look for attention to boost her self-esteem.

5.She will always be there for you, whether things are good or bad.

6.She says something and sticks to it. There are no mind games with real good women.

7.She knows that for a relationship to work, partners must contribute 50 /50 and she does exactly that.

8.She respects you always, whether in public or private.

9.She is nice to everyone, whether she has something to gain from them or not.

10.She has a genuine desire to get into a relationship with you.

11.You both have a liking for similar things.

12.She is not embarrassed nor does she show too much pride in the fact that she loves you.

13.She takes life positively and is happy with it.

14.She makes you feel important, your faults and shortcomings notwithstanding.

15.Her smile welcomes you and you can see its deep from her heart.

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