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Gym outfits for fashionable women

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The gym happens to be everyone’s best friend these days.

They are now generally accepted and everyone is seeing the need to invest in a few gym wears but the upsetting part is where certain people feel they can easily throw on an old baggy tee and oversized shorts and easily head to the gym.

It is not a herculean task to log on to a Kaymu, a Boohoo or even a Nike store and shop for all the necessary gym wears you need, as opposed to making do with lazy and boring options at home and then you wonder the reason you are not inspired to hit the treadmill the next day or why you keep sleeping through your alarm.

It is because you have no motivation, and yes your clothing play a huge part in motivating you to hit the gym, the same way brand new set of shoes inspire you to want to go out so you can launch them, and you are constantly itching to rock your new dress. That is the same way it works for your gym wears.

For the fashionable women, playing dress up does not have to begin and end with a date outfit, work wears or the latest hang out outfits. You can also get all that excited feeling with your gym wears that are chic and unconventional, not to mention the inspiration it comes with.

Here are very fashionable options to go for:

The Tank:
The tank tops for regular clothing are different from the tank tops for the gym, apart from how stylish they are, they have functional gears like inbuilt sports bra and the ability to absorb sweat.

The Long sleeve:

Sleeved jumpers are great with any under pants, they are comfy if you are looking not to show much skin and very stylish compared to the frumpy options of oversized T-shirts and Jersey shorts that are ill matched.

The Sports Bra:

They are by far the most exciting piece of clothing for gym goers, they give you a reason to flaunt that perfect set of abs, and the slim waist and flawless figure. Why would anyone trade that for an ugly set of baggy T-shirts? You can pair them with all kinds of bottom wears.

Sweatpants: Sweatpants are the easiest ways to find that balance for tomboyish look and style, they are very comfortable for sure and if your workout requires you to be flexible, you would not be worrying about your wardrobe malfunction.

Nike Trainers:
Of course every other gym trainer is absolutely effective but there is something about Nike Trainers, it is beyond obvious that they are uber stylish and unbelievably lightweight, they are sure to give you the comfort you crave thereby filling the space of functionality and fashionable.


If you are looking to go for something different and more conservative, the leggings are a safe option and you will still achieve the style and not boring look you are going for. They are available on all your sports shops like Gap and Adidas.

This is a very easy option for the slim fits that are looking for something to easily throw on without overthinking its pair, they go with literally everything but the best option would be the tank or sports bra, either way you are not looking like you fell out of bed.

For people that think there are very little options for gym wears, this list is an eye opener and you can find these options on any shopping platform here in Tanzania.

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