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Her unit was quite small but neat and clean.

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A Party of Three
It was over a month since Rick had first met Elizabeth, at the very first meeting she had proved to be very friendly and even when he had said ‘fuck’ at a comment that wasn’t addressed to her, she just smiled. The thought of making a play for her, certainly was on his mind for she wasn’t unattractive, although he would have preferred if she was more endowed in the tit area, for that was his first point of interest, however, she was a woman and didn’t knock back the offer of coffee after the meeting. He drove her home with the understanding he would pick her up for the weekly meetings that she had enrolled for. He hadn’t tried anything with her; he hadn’t commented on her attire or her figure so it came as a surprise to be invited for lunch the next day.

Her unit was quite small but neat and clean. The table was set and a bread roll was in place. “Do you like soup?” she asked as she worked in the kitchen. He replied that he did. She turned with a big smile. “It is tomato soup and after that I have either poached egg or an omelette, which would you prefer?”
“Omelette would be fine Elizabeth”, he replied as he sat down at the table. It was just seconds before a steaming bowl of soup was in front of him. She then joined him and for the remainder of the lunch there was just general chit-chat. “That was a lovely lunch Elizabeth”, he said as he sat on the lounge. “You certainly know how to make an omelette, it was very good”. She beamed as she removed her apron and sat down beside him. There was no hesitation on her part as he embraced her and certainly not as he felt and massaged her tits, but he did get a surprise when she moved to his groin and  began to rub his cock which with each rub began to show an interest in her activity.

As there was no reluctance on her part to massage his groin or did she show any sign of disapproval as he slipped inside her blouse and exposed her bra or did she say ‘stop’ as he pulled it up, revealing a lily tit that was already sporting an erect nipple. “I think we can do a little better”, he said as he got up and dropped his trousers and jocks, letting his already aroused cock have some fresh air. Her grip only made his cock harder and longer, she stroked while he lubricated her nipple and squeezed her exposed tit. “Will you suck it Elizabeth?” he asked for having a cock suck, especially if it meant a total suck off and a woman with a mouth full of cum, he found a real turn-on. “I … I haven’t suck a man for a long time”, she said but didn’t offer any objection as he pushed her head down towards that throbbing erection. Only for a second did she pause but then it was his turn to give a grunt of approval as her mouth began to perform the sucking action that he enjoyed. It was impossible to suck her tit while she slobbered but he could squeeze and pull the nipple, lengthening and thickening it and in that position she sucked till with a gasp he pushed her head hard into her groin and blew his balls.

He held her till she drained him. She pulled up, saliva and cum dripping from her mouth; she wiped her face as he grinning said. “Fuck that was terrific Elizabeth; you certainly know how to suck a cock”. She got up and was in the bathroom for several minutes, finally coming out. “I gather the next item on your agenda is to fuck me?”
“The desire is definitely open for consideration”, he said as he dressed.
“Well it will have to wait, but I can assure you Rick that I would be very interested, but for now I have to call it a day for I did promise to pick my sister up at three-thirty and that isn’t far off”. He kissed her and again gave her tit a feel as he left. There was no further date made although he had her mobile number as she did his. ‘I won’t ring her’, he muttered as he drove off. ‘I made that mistake some years back and ended up being confronted with a charge of harassment’.

It was nearly midnight when his mobile rang, her name was on record. “Night Elizabeth, can’t you sleep? He asked.
“You said that if I just wanted a chat to give you a ring. Am I ringing too late?” she asked. “Elizabeth you can ring me any time, it is a delight to hear from you”. There was a giggle on the other end and then for the next ten minutes it was just chatter although it did ask if she would like an erotic tale to sleep by. “No!” she replied. “I would like the real thing so would you like to drop around tomorrow afternoon for afternoon tea”; an offer that was well received. “Say three?” she asked.

They were sitting on the lounge after a very enjoyable afternoon tea. “You are a good cook Elizabeth”, he said as he massaged her tits. She reached down and again began to arouse him by the constant groping at his groin. “My mother was a very cook, in fact so too is my sister”, she said as she allowed him to remove her blouse and unhook her bra. “Fuck they are lovely”, he said as her tits were now fully bare. How the conversation got onto full nudity he didn’t remember but when he asked if she would like him fully nude, her reply did surprise him but also delighted him for he had said that  ‘nudity’ didn’t bother him. “You can undress in my room”, she said. He smiled and minutes later appeared, wearing just socks. “Oh!” was her first comment.  “You are quite a specimen”. She was still smiling as she took hold of her item of interest and worked it till it was rock hard. “Can I take a photo?” she asked.  He handed her his mobile after showing her the workings. She took two photos and in both cases his cock was certainly showing interest. “I’ll print them out”, he said as he worked her slacks down, positioned her on the couch, inserted his cock into that hairy crack and thrust. They fucked for well over fifteen minutes till he empty his load deep inside her.

Slowly he got up, but Elizabeth kept lifting her bottom so it wasn’t a rapid withdrawal, but a deliberately slow one. Finally it flopped out, covered in the lubricant of them both. “I’m a mess”, he said. She got up and taking hold of him led him into the bathroom and there under the shower they soaped each other up, washing away the evidence of their sexual activity. It was well after eleven when he departed.  

Two days later, after another call, firstly from Elizabeth that resulted in a missed call and his reply that he again knocked on her door. Her first enquiry was did he have the photos?  He handed her both copies. She was all smiles as she examined them. “I’ll show them to my sister”, she said. This did alarm him for he didn’t know her sister, maybe she wasn’t as broadminded as Elizabeth and displaying pictures of him, warts and all, totally nude may not be appreciated. “I don’t think that would be a good idea Elizabeth”, he said. “I don’t know your sister and would hate to have them put into the computer world and flashed around the globe. Just keep them to yourself; something between us both and maybe I can take one of you, dressed equally, totally naked”. She smiled as she put them into her handbag for he indicated she could keep them. I have a copy on the computer”, he said. “As a matter of fact I think it is one of the best photos of me around for as I mentioned I don’t mind parading around naked”.

“I thought about letting you take a picture of me nude”, she said as she began to disrobe. “You won’t giggle will you”.
“Giggle you have to be joking Elizabeth I think you are very desirable”. She posed in a couple of erotic positions so by the end of the filming, he was again fully aroused. Firstly she slobbered over the length, massaging his balls and then with thighs well spread he again plunged the item of her pleasure to the utter depths of her cunt and the fucking again had the bed giving off squeaks of protest and he ravished her and she made certain she responded with equal enthusiasm so by the time he emptied his balls, they were both in a lather of sweat and her nipples were drowning in saliva.

His request to not have the nude photo of him shown to her sister was ignored for the sister was more randy then Elizabeth. “He isn’t too bad”, the sister said as she admired the photo.  “Hasn’t got a bad cock on him either and certainly has a decent set of balls. I gather he has fucked you”, the sister said.
“A number of times”, Elizabeth said as she returned the photo to her handbag.  For several seconds the sister was silent and then suddenly said. “I wouldn’t mind meeting him and I would love to have that meeting with him in the same state as your photo. Do … do you think Elizabeth he could accommodate that?” This question did concern her for she knew he had asked for the photo not to be shown. “I … I think he could be a bit annoyed but I also know that my lapse would be forgiven, especially if my mouth was engaged in sucking”.
“You … you have sucked him off as well Elizabeth”, gasped her sister. “Fuck my dear sister what haven’t you done. Have … have you taken it up the bum yet, for I know one of my ex boyfriends fucked your backside for he told me so, said it was even better than mine, cheeky bastard”.
Elizabeth grinned. “No he hasn’t done me up the bottom, it hasn’t been raised and if it is, of course I will accommodate him. However, the opportunity for you to meet Rick is what we have to arrange. I would suggest you stay with me for a couple of days and getting Rick to visit will not be difficult”, she replied.

Rick arrived just after twelve-thirty. He had told Elizabeth that he would be riding but would come around. “You won’t mind me appearing in riding gear?” he asked. She assured him that was no concern. She opened the door, she was dressed very casually and the most delightful item was that she was braless and the outline of her tits and the indent of her nipples were very evident.  As he passed her he gave those hanging items a decent feel. “Fuck Elizabeth you have lovely tits”. She smiled and then introduced him to her sister which for a second or two  did rattle him and maybe, just maybe caused him to blush. “Rick this is my sister Karen”, she said. The sister smiled and as they sat down for lunch she was finding it difficult to not giggle. “What … what is so funny?” he asked for whatever was causing the sister to giggle was shared with Elizabeth. “Tell him Elizabeth”, Karen said. “Put him out of his misery”.
“Karen thought you were rather great in your birthday suit and she wondered if you could repeat the activity”, Elizabeth said. Rick gave a gasp and nearly spilt his tea. “You … you showed her the photo?” he stammered. Elizabeth just gave a nod, unsure of what the reaction would be but Karen poured water on his concern or growing hostility. “You take a great photo Rick and Elizabeth told me you don’t mind being nude and I would really like to admire you in the flesh”. To be nude didn’t really bother him and to have two women who were showing signs of being on the ‘same playing field’ and very broadminded, made up his mind. “Ok!” he said. Minutes later Karen voiced her approval in the language that he enjoyed. “Fuck Rick I understand why Elizabeth is so proud of the photo. Your cock is something that would put a smile on any woman’s face”.

There was no doubt he enjoyed the experience, especially as Karen worked and stroked his erection. “Suck him Karen”, Elizabeth said. “I want a photo of that”.
“How about one of us Elizabeth, both nude” he said. Karen agreed and then with Elizabeth standing nude beside him, Karen took the photos and then a change, Elizabeth took a photo of her sister sucking him. From that photo others followed, Rick with a nude Karen and then Karen in the doggie position being fucked.  “She loves it up the bum”, Elizabeth said and up the bum she got it, much to the amusement of Elizabeth who delighted in the way her sister bucked as Rick dove his cock up to his balls between two very white cheeks of an attractive bottom.

There were over a dozen photos taken of the three of them in different positions and different activities. Finally a break was called. “I’m fucked”, Karen said as she flopped onto the lounge. “I haven’t had a cock up me for some time, but I now know why Elizabeth is so keen on the arrangement she has with you Rick, your cock is fucking great. I’m here for a couple of days so I hope we can continue our introduction, sort of getting to know each other in a very close encounter”.
“I think a hot brew is needed”, Elizabeth said as she put the kettle on. “We have been sexually engaged for the last couple of hours. Why not stay the night Rick and just fuck us both till the cows come home”.

It was a request that certainly matched his desires. He went from one woman to the other during the night and despite giving them both a ravishing there was always that moan ‘more, more cock’. However, the greatest giggle and greatest thrill of it was when he rammed his cock up the bum of Elizabeth and she bucked like a mule and the laughter from her sister was like music. Exhaustion finally came over them and as the first rays of sunlight penetrated the bedroom he grunted that it was truly ‘A Party for Three’.


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