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Intro: 'Is this seat taken?', I asked the lady who was sitting in this American style diner in Hollywood.

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'Is this seat taken?', I asked the lady who was sitting in this American style diner in Hollywood. She wore sunglasses and was zipping on a milkshake while looking at the street. She wore a white top and a black skirt. I couldn't see how long the skirt was, but it was definitely not pants or shorts.  She also had this beautiful long brown hair and perfectly tanned skin. She spent lots more hours in the sun than I probably did.

She turned her head towards me and looked at me for a few seconds. Like she wanted to know who she was dealing with. Maybe that's the right thing to do for ladies. Maybe I was a freak that had bad intentions. I sure as hell looked the part. Half long shaggy brown hair. The only reason it wasn't hanging in front of my eyes, was that I used five dollar sunglasses to pull it backwards. I wore brown shorts, walked on slippers and my torso was covered with a yellow shirt. I am pretty much in shape but normal. Not like I spend every free minute I have in the fitness room. I hate sports. Though, I do participate to keep my body healthy.

I looked at her and tried to look through her sunglasses. Was she not going to say anything? I mean, it was filled with people, this diner, and if there were some free spaces left, I sure as hell wouldn't ask her to join her. So I frowned a little and asked her again, as gently as I could with my Dutch accent.
'If you want to be left alone, just say so. I just need a seat.'
'Go ahead', she finally said. She had a raspy voice, but I liked it. But then again, isn't a big surprise for a person that thinks Michelle Rodriguez is the most beautiful female on this world.

I sat my ass down and waited patiently for my Corona and Hamburger. I didn't have much appetite, but while I was wandering around I found an advertisement about this place. They had the best burgers. So there I was. I'm just a tourist though, I stopped work and finished my study. As I was looking at the waitresses to see if my order was coming, I caught a person outside taking pictures of the building. I thought that was kind of strange.
Why would someone take pictures of a building that doesn't look so special. The woman that was sitting opposite me, didn't seem to be bothered and looked a different way. I still asked myself why she was wearing sunglasses.

'You can't stand the California sun or something?', I asked out of nowhere. Maybe my smile would temper the tension, because normally I wouldn't bother asking. because it wasn't my business and not my "style."
'I never heard that one yet', she responded while still looking at the streets.
'Didn't mean anything, maybe it's fashion or something in this place.'

I am a person that isn't very sensible for fashion, hell, I never know what trends are because it isn't within my interest. The clothes I wore were bought over two years ago. I can't stand those clothing stores in the Netherlands.

'What do you mean by fashion? You really don't know why I wear sunglasses?', she asked interested.
I began to laugh. 'Should I know? Now you make me feel a little embarrassed.'
A smile appeared on her face while I looked at her glasses again.
'Where do you come from? If I may ask?', she asked gently.
'You don't want to know', I responded with a smirk.
'Well wherever that may be, don't you have internet there or something?', she responded.
'I don't like internet. I only use it for uploading short stories tough. Internet is as fake as it can get. I mean, what is facebook really about. People that want you to know how great their lives are? Yeah... And then you come visit and all they do is nag...'
'Interesting way of looking at the modern life', she laughed.
'Now that I already exposed my strangeness, why does that person over there take pictures?'
She almost choked in her milkshake as I asked that. 'what?... Another bad question? Maybe, I should shut my mouth', I said while I certainly was blushing. Trying to recover myself I added: 'Is this a monumental building or so?'
'You are playing games with me, aren't you?'
'No, I'm not a gamer, I always write when others play games', I said.
'Normally I would still be suspicious, but that look on your face, you're telling the truth aren't you?', she asked.
'What does a man have to offer, if he hasn't the truth?', I said relaxing a little. I looked back at the street. The man was gone.
'He wasn't taking pictures of this building.'
'Okay', was all I had to say while looking at her glasses again.
 'Do you like them?', she asked interested.
'What?', I answered like a reflex.
'The glasses...'
'Oh, no sorry. I always like to look at someone's eyes. It's the first thing I look at. And I still haven't seen yours. Guess my day vision isn't sharp enough to get past the glasses.'
'Why the eyes?', she wondered.
'Because it's the only part that doesn't age when we get older. Sure they become "older", but they look the same when your eighty. I like that. The only part that is visible of us that doesn't change. It's so pure and honest. Honesty is everything, isn't it?'
She put her glasses off while my burger was served. 'Didn't you order anything?', I asked.
'How are they?', she asked.
'They are beautiful', I said while looking at her beautiful eyes.
'So, you aren't a reporter. Journalist?'
'Oh no, I don't work at the moment. I'm just trying to find freedom.'
'What do you mean by finding freedom?'
'Everything. I mean, I have my family back in my home country. But I don't have a relation or found something else essential that defines someone's life. Do you have a relation?'
She responded while I ate my burger. Totally forgotten that I didn't order anything for her. 'I'm not seeing anyone at the moment. I dated a lot the last years...', she sighed.
'Doesn't matter, dating is good. It would be shameful if you were married multiple times. Dating means you want to know someone better and then when you find out it isn't "it",  why should it bother if it ends?'
'Do you have a free spirit of mind? I mean, you sound like a psychologist.'
My second Corona arrived. 'I don't know what I am. I am happy. But I'm sure as hell no psychologist. But when it comes to love you have to ask yourself where your heart is. Not ask someone else. And with someone I mean the person you date.'
'How old are you?', she asked.
'I was born on eleven October 1993,'
'You're only 23 years old?'
'I know. Have the good looks of my father. But when I'm fifty, I still look forty', I said with a smile.
'That's too young for me', she said while laughing.
'Age doesn't matter in my opinion. But then again, who am I to say to you how things work.'
'Nice move stranger, but you still don't know why that man was taking pictures?'
'Not really. But if I was him, I would take pictures of you.'
'He did.'
Without listening to her I continued: 'I mean, you look stunning. Classy. When we met a couple of minutes ago I really thought you would think of me as an addict or something. Which I wouldn't mind, because I don't look like the modern man. Unless you compare me with Chris Hemsworth', I said before I began to laugh.
'So, that's where this is all about? You try to seduce me?'
I was a little open-eyed when she said that with a sharp tone. 'Uhh no. I thought we just had a nice little chat.'
'You wouldn't be the first one that tried.'
'Look, I don't know you okay. But yeah, f*ck, your beautiful. You already know that. And no, I'm not trying anything. If you like, I leave, no problem.'
She hesitated too long and I stood up sighing deeply. 'I'm sorry, please, sit down. I have just mistaken you for someone else. Something else.'
I looked at the exit, a voice in my head said "stay." I sat down again as she put a gentle smile on her face again.
'So let's introduce each other then', I said. 'My name is Marc.'
'Nice to meet you Marc, My name is (Lindsay) .'
'So, do you want a Corona?', I asked. 'I have some dollars left', I added with a smile
'No, sorry. I quit that stuff. But I wouldn't decline an orange.'
'Then I'll make two of it, for the next round', I said as I finished in one gulp my Corona.
'Where did you come from Marc, I want to know', she asked.
'Do you know where the end is?'
'What do you mean?'
'That's where the heart is. My heart started beating in the Netherlands. Small town called Harkema.'
'Is that why you are in America? To find your end?'
'I always dreamed about this country. So this is probably where I find my heart', I said as the two Fanta's were served.
We poured in our orange into the glass together and toasted afterwards.
'So you know that I'm doing nothing at all. But I'm just curious Lindsay, what do you do.'
'I'm an actress...', she said with her pretty face. She smiled brightly and looked beautiful. It was 2016 and I believed her immediately.

This story is completely fictional. It is largely based on a dream I once had. By chance I found out that the actress I dreamed about that night was Lindsay Lohan.. I never saw a movie of her or even saw a picture of her. But when I did, I knew how stupidly it sounds, it was her. I now know she has had her own hardships the last couple of years by all the articles I found while googling her name, but then again, we may only judge those when we know the three stories of their life. In this case, hers, "ours" and the truth. And I don't know them. This one's for you...

Thanks for reading Intro: 'Is this seat taken?', I asked the lady who was sitting in this American style diner in Hollywood.

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