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Intro: She allowed the stranger to slide his shaft up and down her rear portal like she did with Mister Sanyo provided he kept up the farce of total disinteret.

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Toshima looked with much curiosity at the two dolls on the window seat. They were pretty little things and their costumes made her smile in appreciation of the fine workmanship. One of them was dressed in the traditional Kimono in perfect detail forcing Toshima to reach out and touch the fabric with a hidden desire to switch places with the smiling doll with the blood red lips. She whispered the name she had given the doll into the little doll’s ear.
“Miss Haruko, you are so pretty. Your creator, Mr. Mikado was so skillful in designing your Kimono. I already peeked underneath and I know you are wearing the traditional wraps for concealing your feminine secrets. I am so unworthy to be only wearing my school panties that look like they have never been ironed at all.”

She ran her fingers lightly over her panties in the front and the back and started to twitch with that silly need to get something, anything, a little bit deeper. If her parents looked into her room at that moment, they would immediately sense her desire to lose her unwanted cherry. She certainly did not want to be a cherry girl any longer because now that she was eighteen it was more like a curse than a virtue.
The happy girl in the school uniform knew she was far too old to be playing with dolls but she did enjoy the fantasy and found it difficult to resist the dreams of another life entirely. She wondered how hard it would be to make her female parts available to demanding male equipment without disturbing her traditional costume too severely. She tried it with her fingers and found that if she positioned the doll on her knees and elbows, it would be easy for Haruko to accept a hard shaft into her raised bottom and still keep her Kimono in place. The wraps could be pushed aside to allow entrance and she imagined herself in the place of Haruko on her hands and knees being pummeled with resolute force by a handsome young suitor. Her fingers started to fly all over her dampened panties and she kissed the smiling Miss Haruko on her red lips to thank her for giving her such pleasure.
Toshima rolled over onto her belly and hid her hand buried between her legs. She put both hands underneath her quivering body and used the pillow to rub out her ecstasy whimpering softly in the silent room. The two dolls looked down on her quaking body with a mixture of pity and distain. They were creatures far above such weak attempts at satisfaction and had their own views on appropriate behavior.
The other doll was most unusual. It had long red hair that flowed down almost to the ankles and under the hair the doll wore only the briefest of panties and a bra that had holes in the front to allow her nipples to cool air of the ocean breeze coming in the partially opened window. Toshima had pushed the hair aside again and again to touch the pretty nipples that seemed so much nicer than her own little buttons. They felt almost alive to her touch and she imagined how it would feel to have a young man’s tongue flicking her own offerings into stiff arousal before she opened her virginal slit. She had assigned a name to this unusual doll and looked over her shoulder to make sure there was no one to overhear her tell the doll,
“Little Miss Oh, you are a bad doll. Your nipples are always so hard. I know you are thinking about boys all the time. Your panties are so naughty. I bet you love to bend over so the teachers can see your pretty bottom and know your panties are wet with your wicked thoughts. If you keep this up, I will have to fan your backside and teach you to be a good little girl.”
Suddenly, Toshima thought about her math teacher Mr. Moto and the way he allowed her to sit on his leg when she was trying her best to understand his instructions. She hoped the young married man did not suspect how perverted she was inside to dream about his hard thing pushing up inside her virginal channel. It would be far too humiliating to see her secret thoughts displayed for everyone to laugh at. She could tell her secrets to the naughty Miss Oh because she was a bad doll and know just how to get boys to put their things inside her.
She ran over to the little stand next to her sleeping pallet and took out the magazine of men’s fashion and new styles. It didn’t make any difference that they were all Western males because she knew the Western men and the Japanese men all had the same long poking sticks between their legs. She liked the way they smiled and stood with their hips and legs ready to fall on top of her defenseless body and make her do the nasty things that Miss Oh told her were so nice to indulge in. Even her Kimono doll Miss Haruko confessed to her that taking the hard cocks from behind was quite normal even for traditional girl dolls.
The schoolgirl lay on top of the bed and held the Panda toy under her legs. She could look down on the open men’s fashion magazine on the floor and see the faces of the Western men looking up at her with those open lips and smiles that promised energetic pounding if she would only drop her panties. She set Miss Oh and Miss Haruko on both sides of the magazines so they could see the handsome men and see the look of intense pleasure on her face as she slowly ground her teenage bush into the soft furry Panda.
There was a discreet knock on her bedroom door and an almost imperceptible turning of the door handle. She quickly put the two dolls back on their perch in the window seat and hid the men’s magazine. The Panda she completely forgot about but it didn’t look too much out of place on top of the bed except it did look a little bedraggled and worn out after her many bouts of riding it like she was on top of a happy cock.
“It is mama, darling. Mr. Sanyo from the bank is here to visit your father and we will all have tea in the dining room. Please continue to wear your uniform because Mr. Sanyo is much overjoyed to see you in your uniform. It reminds him of his own daughter who is now married and living with her husband on Okinawa. Don’t ever marry a man who is going to that terrible island. It doesn’t have any of our traditional culture and has far too many Westerners for my liking.”
Toshima opened her door and bowed to her mother who was looking quite bright and attractive in a trendy outfit and a nice shade of lipstick that matched her earrings and belt. She wondered if her father was aware that his wife was still so attractive and appealing to males like Mr. Sanyo who held the mortgage on their home. She had seen how her mother acted so submissively when the man would fondle her flanks after a couple of drinks of the potent Saki from the countryside.
“Don’t worry, mama, I won’t be going to Okinawa anytime soon because I am destined to remain a virgin for a long time to come. Boys all want to go out with the girls that give them a happy time and I am too private for their interest.”
Her mother giggled because she had been just the opposite when she was a young girl of Toshima’s age. In fact, she had met her husband at a bukkake festival when she was disgracefully covered in spunk from the young men of the newly opened company. She had seen the size of his cock and the generosity of his seeds and decided he was the perfect catch.
Of course, after marriage, Toshima’s mother was the role model every daughter should have in a mother and she never did anything of a flirtatious nature except when requested by her spouse for his special male friends or for close relatives with immediate needs.
She promised her mother she would be right out and ran back into her room to change her uniform panties because they were drenched with her juices. Toshima knew that Miss Oh was giving her a smile of approval when she put on the new lipstick that she recently purchased hoping that some boy would be tempted to kiss her pretty lips.
Mr. Sanyo was already in a jovial mood and she saw that her father was sagging in his chair after the rarely imbibed Saki and had already lost all interest in his surroundings. The banker was having a “tug-of-war” with her mother over the removal of her wide vinyl belt that kept her skirt and blouse decently in place and preventing him from exposing her soft skin to his view.
Toshima approached the two of them in a respectful manner doing her best not to show her dismay at the treatment of her mother’s clothing. She managed to get her mother up and out to the kitchen to bring in new “special treats” for Mr. Sanyo’s pleasure. He seemed disappointed at her withdrawal but turned to Toshima and began to investigate her school uniform panties for signs of “naughty activities”. She was not quite certain what he was talking about but it sounded disturbing enough that she had to emphatically deny any bad behavior.
“Mr. Sanyo. I am a good girl. I do not tease the boys and I don’t let them play with my private places.”
He asked her to pour him another cup of Saki and she served him traditionally on her knees and with her eyes downcast in total submission. Inside, she was a bit angry at him because of the way he had treated her mother like she was some tea room girl looking for some fun and a good tip.
The older man calmed down and concentrated on finding her brown eye with his talented finger as she bent forward with her head almost down to the floor. He hooked his finger in her dirt hole and she knew the shame of being just another slab of meat for a rich and successful man. It was hard for her to do but she wanted to service the powerful man instead of her mother feeling she deserved such unnatural treatment to punish her for her depraved thoughts with the pretty dolls.
Her mother peeked in and saw the tableau and wisely stayed outside the door to allow the banker time to resolve the needs of his flesh.
He raised Toshima’s school uniform in the back and quickly pulled down her skimpy school panties. Of course, she was impeccably clean back there and her slit was both lubricated and neatly trimmed just like the young girls did these days. She remembered when she had a thick black bush and how she liked to pull on her pubic hair when she was using the Panda for fun in the darkened bedroom. She still had a nice landing strip that pointed to a soft landing in her virginal opening.
She panted like a puppy dog when Mr. Sanyo explored her cave with his greedy fingers. He seemed surprised that she was still a virgin and asked her in a respectful tone of voice,
“My apologies little flower. I did not realize you were still untouched. Please tell me you are over eighteen and ready for becoming a real woman.”
The older man was so formal that she almost giggled but she sensed this was an opportunity to lose her unwanted cherry at long last. There was the added advantage that she was performing duty to enhance her father’s position in his sphere of influence. It was much better to be used in such a manner and gain respect while she would be able to enjoy the benefit of being opened by a man with a great deal of experience.
It all happened so quickly that poor little Toshima lamented later that she was entered, lost her cherry and accepted Mr. Sanyo’s load without a chance to say a single word of protest no matter how feeble or contrived.
Mr. Sanyo thanked her for her obedience, her mother thanked her for taking her place, and her father told her she was a good daughter. Only Miss Oh and Miss Haruko smiled at her with knowing eyes and even wiser silence.


Toshima was a happy girl now that Mr. Sanyo had relieved her of her undesired cherry. Everything at home was calm and peaceful. Her mama was pleased that she had been introduced into womanhood by an important man like her husband’s boss and she would be the first to admit that the older man’s equipment was most impressive having been under his supervision in the past.
Her father had received a promotion that insured the income from his job would pay their retirement in later years. Mr. Sanyo had even gifted the family with the papers on their home mortgage as reward for Toshima’s continued obedient duty. He valued her tight vaginal channel and thought her anal passage priceless.
The young girl fingered her damp slit and smiled thinking how nice it had been to receive Mr. Sanyo into residence and that everyone believed her to be generous in her loyalty to duty and respect for her elders. Secretly, she knew deep inside that she rejoiced in being forced to accept the older man inside her body because she needed a male shaft inside her without seeming to be a bad girl or lacking in morals.
Her two dolls, Miss Haruko and Miss Oh both knew how kinky she was to take the old man’s cock inside and how tightly she had wrapped her legs around his heavy waist to keep him inside as long as possible. Even her panda looked up at her from the bed with an accusation of guilt in his round beady eyes. She had rocked him between her legs long enough to know he understood her need for doing it was getting stronger every day.
Mr. Sanyo had told her mother to take her to the large store in the mall and to buy her several new school uniforms. He instructed her to purchase the large white panties that he liked far too much for a man his age. Even his own daughter did not wear such things anymore but he had a fixation on seeing Toshima in the official school uniform. She didn’t really like the flat shoes and the high stockings but wanted to present her body in the manner that Mr. Sanyo enjoyed the most and had no problem in fulfilling his fantasies just to put a smile on his face.
She could tell the clerk in the store was amused by the fact
the only clothing she bought was the school uniforms. It was a young man with large black glasses and he didn’t look the type to be working in such a menial job. Her bowed in difference to her both she and her mother and even assisted her to take the clothes to the changing booth to be sure they fit before taking them all the way home.
Toshima was trying on the socks and panties to test the fit and if the elastic on the socks was of good quality when she noticed the panties all had lace frills on the edges and she knew that was not official for school use. When she opened the curtain slightly to signal her mother, she noted that she was missing and had probably gone to the wash room to attend to her female needs. The young man was attentively watching from behind the counter and immediately came over to see what she needed.
She held the curtain partially closed because she only had her panties on socks on inside the changing booth.
“Sir, these panties have lace all over them and are not the official ones.”
The young man whose name tag said simply,
“Mr. Kim”, looked at Toshima and told her,
“I will get the proper ones right away Miss.”
She waited inside the changing stall looking at her tiny boobs wearing only the lace decorated panties and the socks that came almost up to her knees. She sank down on her haunches squatting and saw that the lace panties looked quite nice surrounding her camel-toe. The young man returned and brought the items needed right inside the dressing room and she looked up at him in dismay because her boobs were bare even if they were too small to attract male attention.
“Mr. Kim, I don’t think you should be in here without my mama. I only have the panties and my socks. Will you get in trouble if we are caught alone?”
”No, not at all, Miss Toshima, I must help all the customers to try on the clothes no matter if they are male or female. Please to take off the offending panties and we will try the official ones on for size.”
She stood up and turned away from the young man in a modest manner showing him only her backside the hint of her shaven slit from behind. She removed the panties with the silk decorations and lifted her leg for Mr. Kim to place the correct panties over her leg. She balanced her body on his shoulders and he pulled them up nice and tight allowing the outline of her slit to be seen easily. He ran his hands all over them and told her,
“It is a nice fit, young student, you look very proper. Let’s get the rest of your uniform on.”
He helped her dress and she looked in the mirror on both walls. She could see both front and back.
Mr. Kim smiled at her and told her,
“Bend over as far as you can, Miss Toshima. I will see if the boys can see too much of your secret places from behind.”
When she followed his instructions and bent all the way over, he pulled her hips back into his heated groin and sighed in pleasure as her wide open crack surrounded his demanding erection. She wanted to be mad at him for tricking her but it felt so nice that all she did was stand there and let him slide up in between her legs. It was altogether different than old Mr. Sanyo because this was a young handsome boy with a hard as rock thing that was much thicker and much longer than the old man’s equipment.
Her mother’s voice from outside startled her and she shouted out,
“Don’t come in, mother, I am just changing and you can see me in a moment.”
Mr. Kim got the message and started to pull her panties down in the back so he could cram his long shaft into the back end of her brimming slit. Toshima could hear the distinctive sound of the soggy squish when he buried his thing up to the hilt inside her inexperienced channel.
She took the young man doggy style and rotated her hips in a clockwise motion pushing back to get him deeper inside. Her impatient actions drove him to explode much sooner than he wanted but it was probably for the better because no sooner did they cover up their private parts than her mother stuck her head in the curtain and looked at them suspiciously.
They left the store and rode the bus back to their neighborhood. Her mother found a seat and Toshima hung onto a strap right in front of her with both of her hands to keep good balance. Her mother held both their bags on her lap as well as the shopping bag that managed to obscure her view of Toshima even though she was right in front of her.
Toshima knew her panties were wet because she didn’t have a chance to change them after Mr. Kim gifted her with a huge wad of his seeds in the changing room. Now some silly office man with a tie and jacket was exploring her backside with his inquisitive hand well out of sight of the other passengers. She did her best to pretend nothing was happening but feared if the man got carried away and lifted her uniform skirt he would discover her wet panties and know that she was a bad girl.
The man was not particularly bad looking but he wore a wedding ring on his finger on his hand right on top of hers inside the strap above her swaying body. She could tell he had fish for lunch because his mouth was right next to her head and he was breathing hard in excitement at touching her female areas. She was grateful she had no breasts to speak of that might induce him to explore them as well.
He moved his hand to her hip and she thought for a moment that he had taken pity on her and decided to let her off the hook. It was just a moment later that she felt something hard right in the center of her crack and she knew he was rubbing his exposed cock right on her backside. It was so degrading that she wanted to shout out that she didn’t want his cock on her body. Of course, she was far too refined to do any such thing and just held on to the strap and let him continue with his detestable groping out of sight of others.
They were about halfway home when she felt him lift her skirt in the rear and push his cock onto her wet panties. She looked over her shoulder at him and saw that he knew right away she was dripping wet down there. It was so humiliating that she just surrendered and let him do whatever he wanted to do. In fact, it was likely that the man thought she had succumbed to his fumbling and had allowed her juices to overflow in response. There was no way he could tell if her wetness was from his touch or from a prior engagement before she boarded the bus.
She looked down at her mother feeling the hard cock slide between her ass cheeks and she smiled like everything was just fine and she was just jerking about because of the movement of the bus.  The cock started to dig deeper into her gap and she hoped the man was heading for her normal opening and not the tightest hole of all.
He stopped like a gentleman with his thing pressed against her pucker hole and just bounced on her skin until his pre-cum started to make her even wetter all over. It was obvious that he had no intention of shoving inside her and she appreciated his restraint. She tried to relax and even smiled at him over her shoulder. He shuddered in response and showered her skin with his spurts of seeds that slowly dripped down the insides of her legs all the way down to her official uniform socks.
The man covered himself up and she pushed down her uniform skirt. He nodded at her in acknowledgement of her acceptance of his sticky load. She bowed in his direction to let him know she was not offended and to thank him for his attention. Toshima could not help but wonder if the man’s draining of seeds would spur him to activities with his spouse in the privacy of their home or if he would neglect her in pursuit of random girls in school uniforms.
He even pressed a card into her hand proclaiming him to be an insurance salesman and that had his work number printed on the back. She didn’t think she would be calling him because he was one of those butterfly males that fluttered from girl to girl never satisfied with any particular one and one alone.
Her father was already almost comatose from the drink when they got home and Mr. Sanyo was waiting patiently to see little Toshima in her new uniform outfit. She modeled for him even bending over to show him how she looked from behind and he pulled her down onto his lap so hard that she could feel the hard rod inside his pants. Her mother was giggling and she brought in some snacks for them to eat. When Toshima got up to go to the bathroom to take care of her needs and change her panties, she saw the older man lift her mother’s skirts and use her backside shamelessly with both of his large hands.
Fortunately, her father was already sound asleep and he didn’t see Toshima come in and extract her mother from the boss man’s hands and let him slide inside her vaginal channel from behind just the way he liked it best.
She liked the way he went very slowly and covered their copulation with a blanket so her mother would not be embarrassed when he spurted his seeds inside her daughter’s pretty pussy. When he fell asleep, they both went into the other room and turned off all the lights for a good night’s sleep.   


Toshima was radiantly happy today because it was the day she was going to the beach to swim in the waves and bounce the ball on the beach with her friends Miss Lee and Miss Yoko. She had been friends with them for a long, long time. It seemed like they had always been friends.
Mister Sanyo, her father’s boss, had given her a nice present of a swimming costume and she had worn it several times for him because he liked to play with her bottom inside the single piece suit. She didn’t mind at all because plain water would wash all the sticky stuff off without any problem. Besides, the more he used her the less he would make demands on her mother whose arthritis had gotten much worse this past year. He was always giving her presents and telling her how much he adored her but she only put up with his antics because her poor father needed someone of authority to look out for him at the corporation. The younger men were all passing him on the ladder to the top and at his age it didn’t look very promising for him to rise much further. In fact, he would be lucky and definitely need the assistance of someone powerful like Mister Sanyo to keep from being released from service. Like most of the other companies, there was no pension plan and the family had never thought to save money for a rainy day.
Her two friends were almost identical to her except they didn’t have an expensive swimming costume like the one Mister Sanyo had given her. They admired it and touched it all over with Toshima still inside. The three of them wore the summer dresses on top of their suits so they didn’t have to change on the beach with all the people around them. There were gender separated locker rooms for the public but they were afraid to go there because gangs of young men with nothing better to do roamed about like packs of wolves looking to degrade a young girl with limited sense of caution and common sense.
The train was crowded and she knew the older man behind her was enjoying the way she was forced to sway into his groin with only her swimming outfit under her short dress. Normally, she would be wearing her shaping panty and have her pantyhose on top to protect her skin from unwanted touching which was more common than not. She could see that both of her friends were having the same difficulties only they had much younger and more handsome boys riding their female bottoms like happy cowboys mounted on fresh young meat. She was amused by the looks of distress on their faces and giggled when they tried to hide their embarrassment. Her rider was one of the more aggressive types and insisted on fondling her all over with his claw-like fingers that apparently had much practice in such matters after years of travel on the crowded trains. She allowed him to slide his thing up and down her rear crack like she did with Mister Sanyo provided he kept up the farce of total disinterest. She was pleased that it appeared they were both innocent travelers and that all the dirty business below the belt was unobserved by the other passengers. That was not the case with her two friends who were in the middle of the aisle and the indignities they suffered were in full view of most of the passengers, both male and female. She could see that most of the men were envious of the two boys with easy prey literally sitting in their laps and that the women were pretending to be mortified by the public sex and sights of lust right in front of their greedy eyes.
Her unknown up close and personal male friend was on the homestretch now from the look on his face and the throbbing of his middle-aged cock. She had plenty of experience in this sort of stranger lust and just leaned back into his explosion that fortunately stayed inside his trousers and of no consequence to her clothing. She hated when the younger boys pulled their business out with great pride and allowed their seeds to stain her clothing with sticky cream. She didn’t mind looking at it and touching it because it made her tingle deep inside but the shame of her being used without permission was something she never could get used to.
Her friends were getting their own taste of emissions only they received the proof of their rider’s passion on their light summer dresses like badges of honor for submissive cooperation.
The station at the beach was crowded with arriving passengers and the three of them pressed forward with the crowd to descent the stairs onto the sand. The girls cleaned their dresses at the water fountain and Toshima pretended that she was unaware of their origin. They ran down on the sand taking off their shoes and letting the sand run through their naked toes. It was unusually crowded because it was one of those days when the sun was covered with sheltering clouds and made the beach-goers think it was not as warm as on sunny days. There was a slight breeze that helped bring the cooling waves of air from the sea into the shore and give further relief.
Toshima sat on the blanket watching the bags of treats and drinks and the summer dresses and shoes. They had decided it was better to leave one of them to watch the things because the young children thought nothing of filching such things more as a prank rather than actually for profit. The thought of riding home on the train dressed only in a bathing suit was too distressing to even contemplate.
She could see her friends bobbing up and down in the rolling waves like floats on a fishing rod. There were so many people out in the water that she didn’t see how the lifeguards could keep track of them all. It seemed like the young men were there just for taking photos and flirting with the young girls rather than actually watching out for swimmers in trouble. She took the opportunity to splash her skin with the sunscreen oil and put her hair up inside the cap for when she went into the water. She hated to get her hair all wet because it was so hard to dry when she was riding the train.
Her two laughing friends came running up from the water’s edge and flopped down with dripping water at the corner of the blanket. She could tell they had much pleasure in the water and were out of breath from their jumping and running non-stop for at least half an hour. The pair of teenaged boys on the next blanket pretended not to stare but she knew they both had their eyes locked on her friend’s backsides because both girls had fully curved buttocks with a shape most pleasing to the lusting eyes of horny young men. She had a towel wrapped around her hips but she knew her flanks were just as appealing because Mister Sanyo had declared them utter “Paradise” each time he buried his eager face in her young girl crack. At first, she had been a bit dismayed at his wanton licking of her puckered star but she soon became addicted to his lavish adoration and presented her bottom to him for homage at any opportunity. She had seen her mother watching them enviously on a few occasions and it made he wonder if the older man had shown the same interest in her mother’s still attractive backside.
She didn’t mind leaving her friends behind on the blanket because she enjoyed the waves of the rolling surf pressing up on her swimsuit covered slit like demanding fingers of a wet and wonderful stranger demanding her deepest secrets. Toshima jumped and laughed like a happy child in the water safe in the midst of the other beachgoers all around her. The noisy young men in her vicinity were playing some sort of game that involved pushing each other under the water and she thought they were having unusually good fun. One of them got shoved into her by accident and he grabbed her breast to keep from falling under the surface. They both looked into each other’s eyes and she smiled to inform him it was of no consequence and her permission was granted. Soon, he was rubbing his penis-filled trunks on her legs much to her concealed joy and she was giggling with complete abandon like a crazy person with no sense of shame.
The boy fooled around with her business under the water so much that her bladder was awakened with the urge to release. She knew all she had to do was to let it go in hidden disgrace under the water but it seemed so much like a small child or an animal with no intellect that she decided to risk the locker room and the danger of being cornered by a gang of sex-hungry opportunists looking for na├»ve girls. She waited until a group of females entered the dark cement and steel structure labeled “Public Restroom” and didn’t see any boys in the area. It was easy to remove the swimsuit and do her business and she breathed a sigh of relief thinking that she was probably foolish not to just let it go under the water. The other chattering girls ran outside and she was left alone to put her suit back on. No sooner than she had accomplished that feat when she was aware of several pairs of eyes watching her from the darkened corner. They looked like wolves waiting for their dinner to try and run away.
When Toshima turned and try to leave, the biggest boy grabbed her rubber cap and pulled it off allowing her long black hair to flow down almost to the top of her buttocks like a waterfall of black on top of the blue swimsuit. The boy wrapped his fingers in her hair and pulled her head over a railing on the side of the angled entrance to the women’s bathroom. She saw that a pair of the boys was standing at the entrance telling the other females that the bathroom was “being cleaned” and not open for several minutes. It seemed so plausible that Toshima would have probably believed it as well.
The grinning boy pulled her hair hard over the low rail and she was now slightly off-balance with her feet up on her toes and her backside facing straight up into the air like a target for some filthy game. When she saw the line of about five boys waiting for her to settle down, she knew they only had one thing on their mind and that was to use her backside for their pleasure. At first, she was relieved they did not strip of her swimming suit but the very first boy to present his cock at her rear simply pulled it to the side and inserted his hard dick into her private place with confidant success that surprised her in its ease of entrance. The other boys were all clapping and encouraging the first boy to swiftly finish his business so that their turn would come quicker. Toshima was all in favor of that as well and she widened her stance to allow the boy a deeper angle and faster results. It seemed almost impossible but all seven boys delivered their loads to her flooded slit in approximately twenty minutes total and in point of fact it was a new record for that that particular gang of young despoilers of females in need of toilet relief in the middle of a crowded beach. Toshima showered off the residue and used the paper towels provide to put her shaken body back to normal. It really had been so fast and furious that she had not time to think and the full impact would probably not even hit her until she put her head down on the pillow that night.
Of course, she made no mention of her unfortunate confrontation to her two friends because she knew that they would most likely blab to anyone who would listen and her reputation would be ruined forever. All she knew was the next time, she would take care of her business right in the crashing waves with no one the wiser. Her mother with her sharp eyes knew immediately that something had happened but she showed the wisdom of advanced years and make no inquiries as to the source of her upset. Her father was already slightly glazed of eye from an early meeting with Mister Saki and kept his attention on the sports program on the television. Fortunately Mister Sanyo was not to visit until the following evening with the announcement that he had a surprise for her. His surprises usually consisted of some naughty underwear of a suggestive variety with themes that encouraged depraved activities. He had a fetish for the open crotch pantyhose and the panties with little openings in the back and she never tired of wearing such ridiculous outfits for his pleasure.
However, his surprise was that he was divorcing his aging spouse and sending her back to her farming relatives in the country because she was an embarrassment to him on trips where spouses were to accompany their powerful male partners in a show of family values. He had decided it was better to show off a younger and more attractive spouse and perhaps even offer her services to some other powerful man for a major deal that would bring him great profit.
Toshima was stunned at the prospect of marrying such a rich and powerful man.
After a slight hesitation for the sake of modesty, she accepted with traditional female submissiveness and pledged her obedience to wifely duty and that his word was her only direction. She was already planning the things that she could buy with her new husband’s money and knew if she wanted a younger lover it would be easy to find one when her husband was hard at work. Her parents were pleased and were happy to have such a successful daughter to snare such a powerful husband.
Shortly after their marriage, poor Mister Sanyo expired from a case of over-indulging in the pleasures of Toshima’s favors and she tearfully invested his shares of stock in government securities to insure a steady source of income for the remainder of her life. Now she was free to go the beach any time she wanted to have new adventures in the sand and the surf.   

Thanks for reading Intro: She allowed the stranger to slide his shaft up and down her rear portal like she did with Mister Sanyo provided he kept up the farce of total disinteret.

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