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Intro: The young ocotroon stripped down to her silk undies and assisted me by spreading her mistresses' flanks for my heated insertion

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There was a red sky at morning dead ahead and I hoped the crew was not superstitious enough to be convinced we were sailing into rough weather. Our ship was more than seaworthy for even the roughest storm but such stress on our sails would be certain to slow us down in the aftermath.
I hastened down below decks and mounted the still sleepy Donna Emmanuel with some degree of enthusiasm as if my squirted spunk would chase away the dangerous currents that might be lying in wait for us just over the horizon. She moaned at the sudden stretching and woke up pretty Isabella who viewed us with a look of envy in her eye that made me wish I had two cocks to take care of them both at the same time. Well, the young miss would just have to wait her turn because I was already on the downhill road to the finish line with Donna Emmanuel and knew that I would soon be draining my load deep inside her royal cave in a matter of seconds not minutes.

The sound of her orgasm was delightful to my ears and I felt her velvet glove around my shaft quiver with the passion of feminine arousal spraying my legs with her musk of sheer satisfaction. I could see Isabella writhing on her hand like some bare-skinned native girl using a banana to bring her twat to paradise. In a way it was amusing but I knew the young girl was serious in every respect and that she would gladly have traded places with Donna Emmanuel. The pair of them had been more than generous the night before with the crew and I understood they deserved some rest before their next bout of servicing the crew with feminine favors. Fortunately, we were short-handed and that gave them respite to attend to other matters. I made certain the grog was in abundance in order to put some of them in their cups and less likely to seek a repeat performance.
The sound of the warning bell rang out true and clear and I quickly donned my uniform and returned to the bridge to investigate the cause for the alarm. I full expected to see a storm rolling in on us after the morning’s display of early daylight color but it was the fact we were being pursued by a pair of heavy rigged warships that made the mate as nervous as a virgin bride on the wedding night. I looked them over carefully with the aid of a fine Swiss telescope but all I really needed to see was the British flags flying on the stern and the double row of cannon slits to confirm what I already knew. These ships were most likely looking for me in particular and would not rest until I and my entire crew were tucked away in Davey Jones’s locker.
When I saw the thick fog and the rough seas off the port bow, I headed in that direction posthaste to escape from our pursuers as quickly as possible. I told the women to go back below decks because in all honesty, it was a risky proposition to sail full speed ahead into a fog bank not knowing of the presence of obstacles hidden in the mist. Still, it was a less of a risk than facing the heavy cannons of the British fleet which were hot on our heels and looking to hoist us all on the nearest yardarm.
We managed to scoot into the fogbank just as the lead warship wheeled to port and gave us a hasty broadside that fell far short astern to the jeers of most of the crew. It was an eyrie world inside the fogbank and I could tell the crew was much afraid of staying in there too long. When we steered to daylight on the other side there was no sign of the two ships seeking to stretch our necks and we hoisted full sail to make shelter in more welcoming waters.
Early the next morning we came in sight of one of our pirate brother’s sanctuaries protected by a number of land-based canons on high bluffs. No warship would venture too close to shore without running the risk of being holed by one of those nasty pieces. We were already in the harbor before I spied the presence of a large Spanish Man of War that must have sailed in under a flag of truce for a parlay of some importance.
At the end of the long dock, we saw the raised platform for the dignitaries and the dandies and ladies of the Spanish persuasion were strutting about displaying their jewels to the booty hungry buccaneers eager to cut a throat. Of course under a flag of truce they were spared any such indignity and peace reigned supreme for the duration of the visit. I cautioned Donna Emmanuel and Isabella to stay below deck because I knew they would be “persona non grata” with the Spanish authorities for reasons too complicated to relate. I took two of my officers and we approached the scene with some degree of shyness because one never knows when some personage would take exception to strange pirates at their private party.
I recognized some of the captains and they seemed ready enough to accept us as members of the brotherhood without question. Seated on a soft padded chair was a mature female dressed in elegant finery and impressive jewels watching the entire tableau with a hint of amusement in her dancing eyes. I assumed that the haughty bitch was a member of high rank on the Spanish ship and that she was without spouse or keeper because her roving eyes were obvious in their heated pursuit of filled codpieces and lads with sweating muscles. One of the bar-maids told me,
“That is the sister of Governor Barcelona. She is a right cunning witch and that’s a fact.”
A closer look confirmed my original assessment that she was fair to shaking with a need to copulate and the sight of all the randy pirates had stirred her so deeply that she was probably brimming with her own juices at the very moment. I decided to propose a joining to our mutual benefit at the earliest opportunity. We sold our cargo to a Jamaican merchant eager to load our ill gained booty without delay. When I saw the Governor’s sister descent the platform to mingle with the crowd, I pressed close behind and allowed my devious hand to brush up tight on her tempting flanks with innocent proximity. She glanced at me and I saw a spark of lust that ignited my shaft into immediate rising. I felt certain she was aware of my enthusiastic response and signaled me with her finger to follow her into the rock grotto that held wall etchings of the original natives to the island paradise. She pretended to study the writings on the rock wall and I took obscene liberties with her posterior without verbal expression or request of permission. The fact that she allowed me to raise her long dress and fondle her heart-shaped globes in a depraved and masterly manner showed me that she was ripe for the taking and I slipped my long shaft into her hairy slit with some degree of authority and total disregard for her sensitivities on the matter. We rode a fast steed to the finish line completing our dirty business before anyone came upon us and saw our naked union. My white seeds of lust were sprinkled across her backside like sugar on a sweet cake waiting to be devoured. I had no inclination to hesitate and licked her luscious cheeks to rid us of the evidence. I even entered into her deep dark crack and tasted the essence of her very core making her shudder with the tingle of excitement and promise of more to come.
“Oh, Captain, you are so commanding. I like a man who knows what he wants and takes it.”
The bar-maid had told me that Donna Louisa was a widow with no children and that her husband had been a very rich man and that now Donna Louisa was even richer than he. I kept that in mind as I mounted her the second time. This time I sought out her tiny little pucker and stretched it with my fingers before entering it with my happy cock glistening with my anticipating pre-cum. The haughty Spanish royal lady sighed with joy and pushed back against me with naughty playfulness. I liked her cooperating attitude and spent my load deep inside her gut locking my eyes to her lust-laden gaze. I spanked her cheeks with loud retorts in the small cave but she smiled and begged me to strike her harder. I complied with her wishes and turned her backside into a cherry red color that complimented the ribbon in her hair.
I drew the saliva into her mouth with my greedy fingers before filling it with my musky scented cock fresh from her brown eye and ready to be cleaned with a submissive tongue. Despite her regal bearing, she fell to her knees and serviced me managing to take care of my shaft, my hanging sacs and even moving to the rear and testing the tightness of my hairy entryway with her dainty tongue. I had not experienced that final delight too often and wallowed in the sense of control to have her haughty face buried between my cheeks like some less-pleasing slutty wench from a disreputable tavern earning a tip for her services.
I gave Donna Louisa one of the baubles we had liberated from our most recent prize and she buried it between her breasts like a squirrel storing a nut for winter. I thought that to be a stirring vision of lust, greed and naughtiness that made me want to pound her female parts with renewed vigor but we had no time and I had to return to my crew with a report of our success in selling the booty we had recently acquired. The sweet cheeks of Donna Louisa would have to wait for tomorrow before I could revisit her sites of female wonder.
Both Donna Emmanuel and Isabella were given some respite from the crew except for those who had to stay watch without shore liberty and I allowed them some rest as well since Donna Louisa had drained my precious bodily fluids to the bottom of the barrel.
When Donna Louisa came up the gangplank with her attending maid, I made certain that both of the women were off the ship and shopping in the town suitably disguised as passengers heading to Havana for the healing waters. I quickly took her down to the Captain’s quarters and tied her face down on the soft fluffy padding with a large silk pillow under her hips to make her hips jut up into the air in calm expectation of my demanding cock. The servant girl was a high-yellow girl originally from the slave auction blocks in New Orleans and she spoke only French with a perfect accent. She had apparently been in attendance on her mistresses many adventures and she prepared her sculptured flanks with lubricating oils and scents from the best houses in Paris. I wasted no time and was soon slamming her plumb and pleasing twin globes with my muscular legs making her grunt in accord and not protest. The young ocotroon stripped down to her silk undies and assisted by spreading her mistresses’ flanks for my full insertion. She even bent down and licked us both like we were candy treats displayed for her enjoyment. The touch of her willing tongue was intriguing and I twisted her hair just to see her eyes flash in anger. I eased off because I was a bit fearful of her long sharp fingernails that threatened damage to my vitals if extended in opposition to treatment.
Donna Louisa was full open now and she was already starting her second go around on convulsing orgasms. I gave it to her hard and introduced my finger gently into the pretty servant’s brown eye taking time to explore every corner of her rectum. Her name was Annette and she confided that she was still a virgin despite being almost twenty years of age. I was astonished because that was unheard of out here in the tropics unless the female of a religious mind that discounted any opportunity for sex.
Annette was sucking Donna Louisa’s full breast expertly but with gentle nibbles that sent shivers up the older woman’s spine and made her experienced slit weep with passion. At some point, after the mature Louisa fell into a stupor of contentment, I turned to Annette and pushed her head down to allow her to show me her oral skills and she certainly did not disappoint me in the slightest. Since she was fully compliant and gave me full rein, I spread her flanks and knocked on her brown eye with my still dripping cock giving her no other choice other than to grant me entrance. It seemed like I slid inside her forever but finally I was buried to the hilt and had never experienced such tightness around my cock before. I hoped it would not be damaged but I was so happy at my successful impalement that I had no inclination to take it out.
I began to think seriously about the possibility of amending my ways and taking up the marriage vows to help Donna Louisa spend her fortune and avail my joyful cock of the services of the beautiful Annette as part of the bargain. It would be a profitable way of avoiding the hangman’s noose and regaining some degree of respectability in my maturing years.    

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