Saturday, October 3, 2015

Leave Ms Sokoine to me, Lowassa tells campaign rally.

Chadema presidential candidate Edward Lowassa addressing a large crowd at Mto wa Mbu township yesterday. (Photo: Guardian Correspondent)
Chadema presidential candidate Edward Lowassa yesterday warned against rushing over the political destiny of Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) parliamentary candidate for Monduli constituency, Namelok Sokoine.

Lowassa, who doubles as presidential candidate for the Coalition for Defenders of the People’s Constitution (Ukawa) was responding to a public outcry about the political membership of the contestant for Monduli constituency on the CCM ticket whether she was still in CCM or had already crossed over to the opposition.
Lowasa reiterated that any person who does not want to join his “change” bandwagon was in need of sympathy and education.  
 He acknowledged that many people, including Monduli residents, had already spoken their minds about those who were hesitant about joining his bandwagon, adding that they needed to be educated. 
Lowassa made the remarks when addressing thousands of people who gathered at Barafu grounds in Mto wa Mbu ward during his ongoing presidential campaigns.
 “We should sympathize with those who are yet to decided whether to join us for change or not,” he insisted, vividly responding to their interest in Namelok Sokoine, who is daughter of the late Edward Moringe Sokoine, who was Prime Minister from 13 February 1977 to 7 November 1980 and again from 24 February 1983 to 12 April 1984.
He promised to revisit the Namerok issue today after consultation with other stakeholders, 
Meanwhile, Lowassa has appealed for huge turnout on election day. 
He commended his political ally and fellow former Premier Fredrick Sumaye for his advice on myriad issues regarding parliamentarians.
Speaking before Lowassa addressed the rally, Sumaye stressed the need for voters to understand why they had crossed over to support the popular need of change. 
“Don’t be surprised because Tanzania has failed under the leadership of CCM. We have defected from the failed party to give you the opportunity to lead your country,” Sumaye, a prime minister in President Benjamin Mkapa’s administration said amid jubilation from political fans. 
Sumaye told the rally that Ukawa was determined to win the Presidential elections come October 25 by more than 80 percent that will guarantee a land slide victory to the opposition.
Meanwhile, Lowassa told a rally in Babati that the voters should not reject the gifts being dished out by the ruling party but rather ensure that on October 25, they voted for the coalition parties.
The parliamentary candidate for Babati Constituency, Paul Gekul said only two wards out of 8 in the constituency had clean and safe drinking water.
The former Prime Minister Frederick Sumaye reminded voters that the presidential candidate for CCM, Dr John Magufuli is himself a corrupt and he should start cleaning himself first before pointing fingers at his party official.

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