Tuesday, September 27, 2016

CUF initiative inconveniences a long way from being done

POWER battle inside the resistance the Civic United Front (CUF) has brought another turn with the ambushed executive Prof Haruna Lipumba saying the meeting that removed him and today's session to examine his destiny are ill-conceived.

Prof Lipumba said that today's national initiative board meeting is void since the individuals who gathered it had no command to do likewise, accio4rding to the gathering's constitution.

"Today's meeting is unlawful, for such social occasions of top gathering pioneers to be legitimate they should be composed by CUF Secretary General, Seif Shariff Hamad who is on safari outside the nation. As the administrator, I am not mindful of any national official board meeting in Zanzibar," said Prof Lipumba.

He put forth the expression yesterday while tending to columnists at the gathering's central command in Buguruni, Dar es Salaam.

As per him, without the secretary general, such a meeting ought to be assembled by the gathering's appointee secretary general Magdalena Sakaya, as indicated by Section 95 (3) of the gathering's constitution.

Lipumba said that CUF constitution of 1992 last changed 2014 Section 85 (5) expresses that plans of the national general board of trustees must be set up by the gathering's national official panel, before the focal advisory group assembles.

He cautioned that present gathering national administrator (terrain) Julius Mtatiro to regard the choice by the Registrar of Political Parties, Judge Francis Mutungi, which restored him.

"The enlistment center remembers me as the gathering director. I caution each one of those in the national official board and any individual who asserts my position that they are abusing existing gathering laws," he said, taking note of that they may wind up in a six-month prison or pay a 1m/ - fine.

Prof Lipumba confessed to face troubles in actualizing party exercises particularly amid this time when there are clashes, approaching individuals to be quiet as he attempts to join together and fortify the gathering.

He said that with respect to now his principle undertaking is to shape the gathering and bring back all stolen properties, for example, PCs and vehicles.

On Sunday, CUF appointee secretary general (Zanzibar), Nassor Ahmed Mazrui, said the national official board of trustees will summon Prof Lipumba before the national initiative committee where he will be required to clarify why disciplinary move ought not be made against him.

He said the meeting will be held in Zanzibar today.Today's meeting, as indicated by Mazrui, will talk about harms created by Lipumba supporters when the educator mightily entered the gathering's central station in Buguruni on Saturday.

CUF pioneers keep on maintaining that it doesn't perceive Lipumba's disputable reestablishment as gathering director by the enlistment center of political gatherings.

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