Thursday, February 2, 2017

President Magufuli with Mission to Bun Opposition parties by 2020

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 The statement was given by the chairman of  Opposition Mr. Freeman Mbowe during the Parliamentary session and sparking a disagreement, today has emerged in the course of inquiries on the spot by the Prime Minister in Parliament, after the leader of the opposition in the Parliament, Freeman Mbowe questioning about alleged presidential quest deleting political parties PRIME MINISTER Fate Kassim said the President, Dr. John Magufuli has never advertise or provide a statement of the abolition of political parties in the country.

He made the statement today (February 2, 2017) in Parliament in Dodoma when answering the question of the Leader of the Opposition camp in Parliament, Mr Freeman Mbowe during the questions to the Prime Minister. In his question Mr. Mbowe said President Dr. Magufuli was quoted as saying he would make cancels opposition parties  by 2020 there is no opposition. 

 Also Mr. Mbowe wanted to know what the Government's statement denied bail for Arusha Urban MP, Mr Godbless Lema, who is being held in three months time. In addition to Mr. Lema, the leader also wanted to know about the closure of Kilombelo MP, Sir Peter Lijualikali with six councilors of the party who have been imprisoned and some 215 leaders are faced with a different case. "First I want to deny that the President has never advertise deleting opposition parties.

 Also Tanzanians know this country is dominated by rules, regulations and procedures in, "said the Prime Minister.
The Prime Minister added that "we know in running the country we operate in three pillars exist Government, Judiciary and Legislature and no axis that can be delving another axis".
 "Tanzanians also  know that whatever lies in court can not be talked about elsewhere, so I can use this opportunity to talk about all the things going on under the law and what the court," he said. 
Meanwhile; The Prime Minister has assured the public that the issue of the shortage of sugar will not happen in the country because local manufacturers continue to produce and by the end of January reached 86 percent of production. "By the end of the breeding season which is March, we may have reached a deficit targets and if the need arises the government will seek the best way to get sugar in collaboration with industrialists in the country," he said. The Prime Minister has issued the statement in response to question Mvomero MP, Mr. Suleiman Sadiq, who wanted to know the status of sugar in the current case and what steps are being taken by the Government in order to save the state.
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