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Reasons Why Tanzania’s John Magufuli Is Africa’s Most Powerful President by Consider What has Magufuli's done during his year in office?

On John Magufuli's first day as Tanzania's leader, a year prior tomorrow, he made a tempest via web-based networking media by making an unannounced visit to the fund service, finding the specialists napping. However, what else has he accomplished in his first year? The BBC's Dickens Olewe takes a gander at his highs and lows.

What might Magufuli do?

Amid that visit to the fund service, he purportedly asked after the individuals who were not at their work areas - an inconspicuous message that he would not endure the unbelievable non-attendance of government laborers.

He said he was quick to guarantee that the legislature would have enough cash to reserve its race guarantees.

Amaze visits of government workplaces have turned into a trademark, intended to venture his approaching nearness and to impart teach and responsibility.

Be that as it may, maybe his best trick yet was driving the nation in cleaning the avenues on freedom day, 9 December.

He had officially reported the cancelation of the arranged extravagant festivals, with the distributed assets going to cover costs out in the open healing facilities.

he allocated funds going to cover expenses in public hospitals.

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This act boosted his reputation among East Africans, inspiring a hashtag on Twitter; #WhatWouldMagufuliDo which was widely used in neighbouring countries.
Although the hashtag was mostly used to mock Mr Magufuli's austere policies, it unwittingly defined his leadership style, which many have come to admire.

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Approval rating

Regardless of winning early admirers, many questioned that he would keep up his hands-on system, yet so far he appears to have confused his faultfinders.

He keeps on drawing in profound respect for finishing his battle guarantees to change "the same old thing" in Tanzania. A current survey says he has a 96% endorsement rating.

"There is undoubtedly President Magufuli is exceptionally well known among numerous normal Tanzanians," political investigator Kitila Mumbo told the BBC.

"Be that as it may, many are likewise quick to see him give municipal space to flexibility of expression and political social occasions and energizes which his administration prohibited two or three months back."

Magufuli effect

Weeks after he accepted office, government authorities appear to take after his sign.

A top nearby official, most likely needing to awe, requested the police to bolt up laborers who had arrived late for a meeting.

The move was censured by human rights bunches who said that work laws ought to be taken after.

The BBC's Sammy Awami in Dar es Salaam says that the disposition of government specialists has changed since Mr Magufuli came to office:

"They are currently all the more eager to carry out their occupations and fear taking part in debasement. Individuals are encountering better administrations in healing facilities and schools," he says.

The president's fundamental guarantee of stretching out free training to optional school, which happened in January, has additionally been generally welcomed, our reporter includes.

Ghost slayer

In May, a review requested by Mr Magufuli uncovered that there were about 10,000 "apparition laborers" on the general population division finance.

Installments to the non-existent workers had been costing the administration more than $2m (£1.4m) a month, as indicated by the leader's office.

Such disclosures keep on magnifying the difficulties the nation countenances and his activities charm him to Tanzanians.

Example to Kenya

A recent example of his popularity came during a visit to neighbouring Kenya earlier this week, only his third foreign trip since he came to office.

Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta and his counterpart John Magufuli Image copyright AFP
Image caption Kenyans are calling on their president to get tips for fighting corruption from Magufuli
His visit harmonized with news of an asserted debasement embarrassment that has shaken President Uhuru Kenyatta's administration.

Kenya's top sketch artist Gaddo portrayed state authorities, who had gone to get Mr Magufuli at the air terminal, dashing off as he rose up out of the plane holding a whip.

His picture as a defilement contender has enthralled Kenyans who proposed that Mr Kenyatta's administration ought to get tips from him:

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However, it has not been all rosy for Mr Magufuli.

Another African dictator?

Gaddo recently caricatured African leaders, perceived to be dictators, in several categories.
He listed Mr Magufuli as a petty dictator, saying that his government's actions to shut down the media and intimidate opposition parties shows that he's "an aspiring dictator".

A woman walks past an election poster for John Magufuli Image copyright AFP
Image caption Critics say that he has reduced civic space for freedom of expression
At least 10 people have been charged for "insulting" Mr Magufuli on social media platforms, leading to criticism from human rights organisations.
His popularity seems to be the antithesis of what US President Barack Obama famously called for as a solution to the continent's political problems during his inaugural visit to Africa in 2009: "Strong institutions instead of strongmen".
Mr Mumbo told the BBC that despite Mr Magufuli's popularity, many Tanzanians also want to see an "open-democratic space".
In June, opposition parties criticised his government for banning live broadcasts of parliament sessions and street protests.

Attack on freedom of expression

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), a US help organization, scratched off almost $500m (£405m) of financing in March mostly on worries over the authorization of a digital violations law which they say limits opportunity of expression.

MCC likewise communicated worry about the decision in the semi-independent area of Zanzibar which it said was "neither comprehensive nor agent".

The October race for leader of the semi-self-ruling archipelago was scratched off part of the way through the check.

The restriction Civic United Front (CUF) said the revocation was on account of it had won, however the appointive commission said there had been across the board extortion.

The data service has additionally restricted two radio stations for charges of "rebellion" and a week by week daily paper for "stigmatizing" Mr Magufuli.

It appears these worries have not shadowed what many consider as his characteristics.

African of the year?

In fact, Mr Magufuli might just cap his year by winning the prestigious Forbes Africa person of the year award - he has been nominated for "boosting Tanzania's economy".

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