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The Interesting Facts About President Magufuli(Bulldozer) That will make you Say "Hapa kazi tu"or This is Real Bulldozing of Leadership

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President John Pombe Magufuli was confirmed as the fifth President of Tanzania. Raised from humble beginnings, he has been cited as saying that: "Our house was grass covered and like numerous young men I was relegated to group cows, and in addition pitching milk and fish to bolster my family." 

As he started his term as President, Magufuli stood out as truly newsworthy for his severity and anxiety with defilement and waste. He crossed out Independence Day festivities, generally a period for the legislature to spend huge on an open show of patriotism. In its place he pronounced the day ought to be spent on road cleaning to enhance sanitation (in which he himself took an interest) and capturing the spread of the cholera flare-up. Magufuli likewise cut back by more than 90 percent the financial plan for the extravagant state supper that typically denoted the opening of parliament and requested the cash spared to be spent on doctor's facility quaint little inns. He additionally drop remote go for authorities and restricted the buy of top of the line air tickets, in spite of the fact that the president, his appointee and the executive were absolved. Besides, he requested that administration gatherings and workshops be held in government structures as opposed to costly inns and cut an appointment of 50 individuals set to visit Commonwealth nations to only four. He additionally openly issued a notice to the general population he would choose as clergymen that he would not endure degenerate and bureaucratic government authorities and that the priests would need to work indefatigably to serve Tanzanians alongside him

Background Profile in summary.

John Pombe Magufuli was born in Chato on October 29, 1959. He attended his primary school education at Chato Primary School from 1967 to 1984. He then attended his secondary school education at Katoke Seminary and Lake Secondary School between 1975 and 1978. Between 1979 and 1981 Magufuli went to Mkwawa High School for his advanced level secondary school education.
He attained a Diploma in education in science (Chemistry, Mathematics and Education 1982. He went to University of Dar es Salaam, where he studied Bachelor of Science in Education (Chemistry and Mathematics) from 1985 to 1988.
He attained his Master’s Degree in Science (Chemistry) from the same university and University of Salford in the UK in 1994. He attained his PhD in Chemistry from University of Dar es Salaam, where he studied between 2006 and 2009. Dr Magufuli ventured into elective politics after a short hiatus as a teacher at Sengerema Secondary School between 1982 and 1983. He taught Chemistry and Mathematics.
Later on, he would quit his teaching job and got employed by the then giant Nyanza Cooperative Union Ltd as an industrial chemist. He remained there from 1989 to 1995, when was elected Chato Member of Parliament (MP).
He was appointed Deputy Minister for Works in his first term as MP. After retaining his seat in the following election in 2000, Dr Magufuli was promoted to a full ministerial position under the same docket. He has been minister in subsequent elections in 2005 and 2010 during which he served as a Minister for Lands, Housing and Human Settlements and Minister for Livestock Development and Fisheries. His last docket is the Minister for Works. He is married to Janet Magufuli, a primary school teacher and are blessed with three children.    

Here are five Interesting things you have to know about the  President Magufuli, One of the most Powerful and Unshakable President, in East Africa and Africa in General.

1. He is a former teacher – He was a Mathematics and Chemistry teacher who went on to become an industrial chemist – and was awarded a doctorate in Chemistry from Dar es Salaam University in 2009.
2. A devout Catholic – Mr Magufuli is a staunch Catholic who loves singing in the church choir and playing traditional drums.
3. Nicknamed “The Bulldozer” – As works Minister in the active government, he was presumed to be a straightforward, comes about driven legislator. He ended up noticeably known as "The Bulldozer" for driving a program to assemble streets the nation over.

Those near him say he is enthusiastic about subtle elements and when he leaves on a task he seeks after it to finishing. In any case, this very quality has taken a toll him companions.
4. Known for not tolerating corruption – "He was for a long time serve for works, managing execution of super undertakings worth trillions of shillings, however was never involved in any debasement outrage," Joseph Warioba, a previous prime minster and veteran CCM government official, disclosed to AFP news office.

"He could have been the wealthiest government official in the nation."

On the battle field, he attempted to depict himself as a modest man from a poor foundation.

"I recognize being poor. I will endeavor to help enhance individuals' welfare," he had promised in crusade energizes.
5. Married and father of five – He is married with five children. His wife Janet Magufuli teaches Standard Five Geography, History and ICT, at Mbuyuni Primary School.
The Magufuli children attended Mbuyuni Primary School. One of their children is in Form One at Oysterbay Ward Secondary School.
“Instead of taking their children to private or famous schools, they send them to local government schools,” said one of the teacher.
“She (Mrs Magufuli) never misses her classes and, if she has an emergency, she always swaps with another teacher.”

He’s been channeling monetary sources to more important ventures.

Not long after assuming office, he took drastic measures to boost government coffers, which includes:

A. He put a stop to the public procurement of goods and services at inflated costs.

He declared that anyone found procuring public goods or services on inflated prices will face the music.

B. Immediate ban on foreign travels by public servants. He did this ON HIS THIRD DAY IN OFFICE!

He stated that all tasks that necessitated government officials to travel abroad will now be done by the country’s high commissioners and ambassadors abroad.

C. He called on all public institutions to cut expenditure on refreshments during meetings.

Magufuli decried “unnecessary heavy refreshments” being offered at meetings and directed that lunch be served “in very rare and exceptional circumstances”, where a meeting that starts in the morning is expected to continue into the evening.

D. He issued a directive for unnecessary physical meetings to be stopped and for public servants to conduct conference calls instead.

This is to cut unnecessary costs that the government incurred from meetings and conferences held at various venues.

7. He made education free for children whose parents couldn’t afford it. A promise he made during his election campaign.

He also directed relevant authorities to sort and resolve the problems stopping the release of education loans.

8. He keeps federal workers on their toes, so they don’t mess up.

He went to the federal hospital unannounced and made sure to visit all the wards, including those kept from high profile visitors like himself. After discovering the sorry state, he fired the director, the hospital board and ordered that the equipment that weren’t working to be repaired within two weeks,  otherwise he would fire even the newly appointed director. The repair happened in three days!

Watch this video for the commentary on his work!

AFP news agency.

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