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10 Important citations of Mwalimu Julius K.Nyerere From his Book called "TUJISAHIHISHE" May 1962

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1. "Self-education is to find the facts."
2. "Aside from human involves issues due to things like surges, grasshoppers, dry spell, and so on., Their numerous issues emerge as a result of vanity"

3. "I will talk reality Forever and not to carry on like wolf in sheep's clothing."

4. "A few people see others do mistake.Instead of disclosing to them in that spot what they do and stop them doing once more, they will hide.But not quiet totally noiseless! They go in gatherings to babble concealed mysteries. "

5. "A few people separate into segments." Fulani/A certain "despite the fact that he committed an intense error not articulated. Be that as it may, Fulani/A specific "the second he committed an error, albeit little, the offense resembled Mount Kilimanjaro."

6. "The reality have a decent character.Do not mind awesome nor little; Do not mind companions or foes Both are the same. "

7. "Our missteps different originates from dread; counterfeit dread more noteworthy censure True, they bombed despite the fact that we know it, or a little safeguard and more seasoned who faulted yet we realize that is not to blame. "

8. "Another error is Ignorance.One of our control says: I should teach myself as indicated by my capacity and utilize my insight for the advantage of public.Others feel that to instruct is to peruse and Write.That was done, yet not as large as the second. a considerable lot of us, particularly a few pioneers, imagine that we know everything and we don't have to learn much else. "

9. 'The most perilous are the individuals who think they know everything, nor do they have to learn more.This chances which obstruct advance. "

10. "Laziness of utilizing mind can make us pharmaceutical to evacuate issues that are not sedates even a little.The Doctor who does not know my malady and its causes did not know medications to cure.When gives drug I recuperated, will be treatment by shot, by morals such a specialist like, to the point that does not mend understanding, and is extremely risky. "

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