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A leader of Freemasons in Tanzania and East Africa, Sir Jayantilal Keshavji 'Andy' Passed Away.

Former leader of Tanzania and the East African Freemason, Sir Jayantilal Keshavji 'Andy' Passed away.

Sir Andy has been a member of the Freemasons for nearly 6 decades since joining.

Born in Mombasa, Kenya on May 7 1928 although his parents were living Bukene In the region of Tabora (Tanzania).

Sir Andy Chande with famous people during his time..

Andy Chande Nyerere.jpg

  Sir Andy with JK Nyerere


  Sir Andy with A.H. Mwinyi

andy chande mkp.jpg
  Sir Andy with BW Mkapa

andy chande JK.jpg
  Sir Andy with JM Kikwete

Andy Chande Diamond.jpg
  Sir Andy with Diamond Platnumz

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  Sir Andy with other Freemasonry Members

What is Freemasons?

Freemasons have been mentioned in all sorts of whispers. We have seen advertisements inviting people to join them if they want to get rich and powerful people. But still Freemason, remains a mystery among most people.

Today we bring news about the famous Tanzanian who opened mouth and explain how he subscribed to the Freemasons, the world's oldest flock.

Officially various individuals are anxious to get rich have been affirming about the gathering and heard in the media, particularly after the demise of a star performer, Stephen Kanumba, 2012.

That, as well as have sprung up advertisements with telephone numbers that can be seen on utility poles road to back street that need individuals who need to join the Freemason call to be given to the way of joining 'the well of progress'.

A few people as of now have gotten and the trap, while others keep on trying their fortunes in gathering riches through the 'powers of dimness'.

However Keshavji Jayantilal Chande, prominently known as Sir Andy Chande, who joined the Freemason October 25, 1954 after a thorough verifying, clarifies how he ascended from a conventional family to be the pioneer of South East Freemason.

Sir Andy Chande, who has been an individual from this gathering for about six decades, he disclosed how he subscribed to achieve the most noteworthy point in the gathering.

Chande was conceived in Mombasa, Kenya, May 7, 1928, despite the fact that his folks were living Bukene in Tabora Region in western Tanzania.

To characterize the entire of the Freemason, Chande has composed a book entitled; 'A night in Africa-a voyage from Bukene' (Night of African-Safari from Bukene), maybe he needed to keep a similar idea and to expel contrasts on running Freemason noted.

Confidence moral worth of the gathering that began amid his discussions with Messrs Campbell McLean Ritchie and mid 1950s.

"In that time I started to understand that there is a Freemason at its center. It is the study of life which is changing its targets and make him one confidence ought to be. It changes the individual, "Sir Andy Chande has written in her book 207 pages.

He calls attention to that the destinations of the Freemason covered in riddles, which likely is depicting a culture covered up in its operation.

Chande takes note of that three noteworthy standards of Freemasonry were composed in the book in Canada, distributed by Penumbra Press Company.

He expresses: "Thus, you are on the primary level (first Degree), the directing standards of a truth and profound quality which mostly centers Freemason remember, keeping in mind the end goal to be a decent part.

The second level of the request stresses the gifts and abilities in expressions of the human experience and sciences, keeping in mind the end goal to give the most ideal commitment to life. "

He calls attention to that the third level allows him to mirror its nearness top to bottom and that every one of the three are known as the standards of loving adoration, break free from reality.

"By these methods, you figured out how to appreciate life to its most elevated amount. By taking after the three standards of caring adoration, break free from reality, while perceiving and begin get ready and not escape from death, "composes Chande.

He includes that, while the three standards of workmanship when evacuated to stamp covers a Freemason convictions, which earned the interest of getting data about the old request.

Sir Andy Chande is a Freemason pioneer in East Africa.

Freemason standards of what is instructed?

In booking Freemason, composes Chande expressing that the guideline of caring affection shows all siblings indict all humankind as one family, made with one primary individual.

"Keep yourself free, as well, conveys the message I got from my dad, who said it liberated the man with stress. On the off chance that you are sans set from neediness, mental issues or despondent, "he writes in the book's Chande.

He brings up that the third level which is reality and it is likely the most imperative commitment to an individual from the Freemason divine.

He takes note of that this period is the most regarded as a probation and redress and, if conceivable, the duplication of these standards as a premise towards four primary standards he specifies that it is; discretion, effective, engaged and reasonable.

Chande clarifies that Freemasonry is not a religion of the gadget, additionally not a religious adversary, but rather respects all individuals paying little mind to their religion and their convictions does not endeavor to change or impact their love.

"Attempting to simply persuade individuals to be great," composes Sir Chande uncovering:

"This is the world I embedded in 1954, has a vital part in my life from that point forward ... My spirit, my brain and my contribution was advanced Freemason.

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