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Five creatures in army with highest position than humans

  Xpresstz       Saturday, April 1, 2017

Normally animals cheapen human life to be a guard, food and travel, but there are some animals and birds that can establish a decent world especially in specific sectors of the military and have been able to get high position in the Army.

  1: Sir Nils Olav

Nils Olav is a bird species of penguin has been given the title the first time in 1972 and placed on a team of guards Loudon King Harald V of Norway. For now it is Brigadier Sir Nils Olav is given a cast including all military salute and inspect the troops.

2: Treo

It is a dog who served the British army from 2001 until 2015. The trio has at least 63 medals, which was given after Fire great work of demining and to detect the hidden explosives.

3: William of Orange.

William is a dove who was a soldier of the British army a number I14 where in 1944 he received a medal of 21 after sending the message that saving more deaths of soldiers in the Battle of Arnhem in 2000 during World War II.

4: Taffy IV.

This is a goat who served the British army since in 1775 who was considered for the first time in 1774 and incorporated in a special British army's when found roam at wild. He received 14 medals which were given special British army during the First World War (WWI).


It is an elephant who was a soldier of the army of China starting in 1942 where he used to build tall buildings of the army, transporting food during the war and served as an attraction for collecting money during a period of war and famine assigned 12 military medal.

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