Friday, April 7, 2017

Interesting and Funny Quotes of Mwl.Nyerere

  Xpresstz       Friday, April 7, 2017
1. Idi Amini - When vanquished Tanzania .... Mwl expressed we might beat a hooligan! .. , truly Idd Amini was beaten until he fled Uganda ....

2. Kolimba - When said CCM has lost vision and direction ... Mwl called him in Dodoma and asked, who sent you?! .. furthermore, That was the end to Kolimba! ..

3. Samuel Sitta -When he was a leader of the student government UDSM he led strike classmates claim butter and milk! ... Mwl emerged at college and asked Samuel, Samuel did you really drinking milk at your home place?! .. He said to lay down, and Mwl Punished him with stick  and strike stop there there! ... ...

4. Abdul Jumbe! - When he wanted three governments! .. Nyerere asked one plus one is what?! .. Jumbe answered it's two! .. Nyerere explained to him if two why you need three governments?! .. That's was the end of Abdul Jumbe as President of Zanzibar! ..

5. John Samuel Malecela - He discarded after reports that he had changed the name of religion to gain support of Muslim countries to contest the presidency in 1995! ..! Nyerere told John you were going to Saudi promptly renamed now called "Jumanne" !. If you go there a second time you will change the tribe?! ... That was the end of his dream to become the President of Tanzania! ...

6. Edward Lowassa - When hired a private jet and  brought him  to Dodoma on sessions playoff contenders presidency in the general election in 1995 and he wanted to give a lift to JK. Nyerere Nyerere replied  him where you get the private Jet to Dodoma? and who offered you the money?! .. The Name of Lowassa was cut out before the sessions playoff ! ...

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