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Magufuli effect to ensure Industrialization in Tanzania since came to office

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Tanzanians are Lazy in nature so should be Squeezed like a lemon until they'll learn to think and rethink for Industrialization and it's possible
Attitude of government workers has changed since Mr Magufuli came to office: "They are now more willing to do their jobs and are afraid of engaging in corruption. People are experiencing better services in hospitals and schools," he says President Magufuli. The president's main promise of extending free education to secondary school, which came into effect in January, has also been well received

Many Tanzanians are very encouraged to be creative and manage it better industrial policy as possible especially qualified graduate from different colleges instead of  just sit idle and wait for the government to employ them
Good example of this resident in Singida who was discover a new methods of cultivation using Motorcycle likewise other Tanzanians especially graduate should use their knowledge and skills to discover and develop small industries that will be set for national productivity
When he was asked by Our reporter he replied that there is no difference between this method and that of using plough.
Other innovations are like this

Strength and Weakness
In May, a review requested by Mr Magufuli uncovered that there were nearly 10,000 "apparition laborers" on people in general part finance.

Installments to the non-existent workers had been costing the administration more than $2m (£1.4m) a month, as indicated by the PM's office.

Such disclosures keep on magnifying the difficulties the nation countenances and his activities charm him to Tanzanians.
Apart from his Contributions some people perceived to be dictators, in several categories.
He listed Mr Magufuli as a petty dictator, saying that his government's actions to shut down the media and intimidate opposition parties shows that he's "an aspiring dictator".

No less than 10 individuals have been charged for "annoying" Mr Magufuli via web-based networking media stages, prompting feedback from human rights associations.

In June, restriction parties censured his administration for forbidding live communicates of parliament sessions and road dissents.

Implementation of draconian statements like the one in this Picture where by police was ordered to takeoff motorcycle tires as a punishment for the drivers who will against the Order given by President on how to use roads
All in all, President Magufuli is the best of his year by winning the prestigious Forbes Africa individual of the year grant - he has been selected for "boosting Tanzania's economy".


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