Thursday, April 13, 2017

National debt has reached 41 trillion in June 2016 comparing with 2015

Auditor says the report shows a lot more money spent on consumption rather than use The normal development. Collection is limited  in managing the budget. Without using credit, the state would cover only 62 percent of its budget.

Assad: National debt has reached 41 trillion in June 2016 comparing with 2015 and 33 trillion the amount reigns without consideration of  eight trillion, which is owed in social security, government promised to provide non cash bond and was not complying.

National debt becomes faster, meaning more than 20% after five years will double. Not good debt to grow in this way.

The government does not collect contributions to social security funds of 400 billion, it is not reasonable for the government to delay the terminal will be delays.

Payment of salaries to 9.8 billion held for employees who have died, people have paid and taxes cut off, the government should make efforts to ensure their database is updated.

Salaries usually when not taken by the bank called unclaimed salaries and should be restored treasures, but we have to follow through on the  banks.

Assad additionally talks a few organizations missing vouchers and said he asked as the law permits him to case them. Auto has been deserted in 2172, an expansion of 88% from 2015, said vehicles which not achieved smash hit boundless use, assuming any, watchfulness to offer or give different elements that can utilize them.

24 billion has been utilized without aggressive act, the administration ought to take after the standards of obtainment.

Political gatherings have neglected to complete examinations on the grounds that the law is not viewed as and not have a financial balance.

Bank of ladies has been disintegrated as the capital of the national bank law must be promoted achieve five billion without anyone else's input it does as such it ought not proceed.

Twiga bank takeover, in spite of the fact that the national bank however totaled negative 19 billion, where the characters were to arrive.

TANESCO gets misfortune since its structure is not especially proper to buy crisis influence and the arrangement is horrifyingly in this nation, we are encouraged to relinquish speculations and emergency course of action.

There is a venture under Rubada and we feel powerless.

Annuity reserves drops and speculation has declined because of the absence of adequacy of overseeing credit.

All mining organizations have not been paying expenses on their benefits, in what capacity can maintain a business for a long time without advantages? We should take a gander at the time the stipends are made for the mining organization. Different nations are not as we do we. She indicates the case of Botswana that uses the estimation of mineral comes not a minute, where a frequency measure are separated down the middle by the administration.


Answers to Questions

Assad: The financial plan of the earlier year was insufficient but rather this year we have a financial plan.

Assad: There are individuals who lost their positions and others are selected toward the finish of act is six months. Individuals ought to remind the designating specialist to name the space, we can not tally the general population who marked for sake six months.

Assad: I recollect Kigamboni NSSF installments are gotten from the offer of the house and said he grows so no house to offer.

Assad: Where a man neglects to satisfy the proposal was acknowledged himself, we asked the naming expert Should give different capacities.

Assad: TANESCO will eat the misfortune since it's the main place to cut costs, costs are controlled so they need to cut expenses and as I would like to think put resources into the creation of power.

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