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Top 10 of Very intelligent people on Earth For 2017 According to the Guiness World record

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The IQ test is the only way to measure mental abilities trusted person where most humans usually have IQ ranging from 90 to 110 but very few people have the IQ level of from 140 onwards. Today I bring this list of ten people who are believed to have intelligence until 2017.

1: Terrence Tao
A mathematician from the US who is estimated to have the IQ level of 230. Terence Tao was able to do maths at the age of 2 and 7 years when he grew up he can perform complex arithmetic at the level of the University at the age of 20 received a PhD. In 2006 he won a medal Field and in 2014 was awarded the Breakthrough prize in mathematics.

2: Christopher Hirata
Astrologer specializing in matters of aviation where currently works at the Space Agency Affairs of the United States 'NASA'. He is referred to have IQ level of 225 where at age 13 he was awarded the Best World mathematician and given a PhD at the age of 22 years.

3: Kim-Um -Young
He takes the number 3 among intelligent people on earth with 210 IQ level where 1990 Kim Ung-yong held the Guiness World record for having great IQ. When he was only 6 months Kim Ung-Yong was able to talk and reach age 3 she can speak Japanese, Korean, English and German.

4: Rick Rosner
Many people did not believe Rick Rosner after being diagnosed with the 192 IQ level with non-work consistent with his mind. Before becoming a writer Jimmy Kimmel period Rick Rosner was the Dansa night club, model and waiter.

5: Garry Kasaporov
Garry has the IQ level of 192 and has a record of the best player of the World Chess for now he is involved in politics largely where he wanted to run for the Russian presidency against current President Vladimir Putin.

6: Galileo Galilei
Besides being a great scientist discovered various elements of Aviation, Mathematics and Physics. Galileo was number 6 among the world's wise men with IQ level of 185. By the year 2017 this scientist has come out on the top ten and is known for his discovery of the shape of the world.

7: James Woods
 Is the American actor who has won numerous awards of the Academy and is described as having the IQ level of 180. At a young age Jamaes  could do complicated calculations despite his ability to stuff the Science Garry decided to be actor.

8: Judit Polger
 The only woman on this list until 2017. Judith is described as having a 170 IQ level at the age of only 15 he can defeat the winner of the world in the game of chess.

9: Sir Endrew Willes
A mathematician and trainer of the University of Oxford in the United States where he is described as having the IQ level of 170. Andrew Wiles was able to calculate complex math world called Fermat's Last Theorem and in 2016 he won the Abel Prize.

10: Albert Einstein
Referring Eistein name will mean "Genious" where this physicist has been able to make a name for her contribution in the sector of Aerospace Science and stuff. Einstein is described as having a 160 IQ level.

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