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Top 10 of Young People who enjoyed great success in the world under Age of 15

  Xpresstz       Sunday, April 9, 2017
For different models, many believed that the success can not be achieved until the person reaches a certain age, but there are many other examples that proves that success in life does not depend on a person's age.

Today I bring to you a list of 10 people worldwide who have had great success over under the age of 15 years.

1: Gregory Smith
He is one of the individuals who can demonstrate fruitful absolved old man after granted the Nobel Peace Laureates 'Nobel Peace Prize' at 12 years old years Gregory could read at two years old years and joined the University at the period of Gregory is 10 years now the pioneer of the world's legal counselors.

2: Chakrit Jaswal
At the age of seven, Chakrit gained great popularity after successfully perform surgery on his friend who was burnt hand and fingers shaking. When reached 12 years had a chance at the University of India, where he studied medicine and in 2011 he got the chance to do an interview with renowned American presenter Oprah Winfrey in the segment of 'Little genious'.

3: Cleopatra Strantan

Cleopatra is known as the youngest musician ever to win the MTV awards where at the age of 3 years he was able to perform live for 2 consecutive hours in front of millions of fans. He set another record being the youngest musician to album best performing market.
4: Kim Ung-Young 
Guinness Book of Records keep a record of this person IQ world's largest by 1995. At the age of four years, Kim Ung-Young was able to speak the languages of Korean, Japanese, German and English and when reached at the  age 17 he was employed at the Institute for Space Affairs of the United States 'NASA'.
 5: Luigi Fabiano Caruana 
In 2014, Fabiano was named as Player of Chess ever world where at age 14 he won his first prize and become the youngest player to Grandmaster level.
6: Aelita Andre
A painter of pictures who gained great popularity after drawing the picture, which was sold for millions of dollars at the age of two years. In 2011, at the age of four years he performs in the famous palace of art as the only painter in New York. 
7: Michael Kevin Kearny
In 2008 Michael Kevin won 1 million Dollar on show called Who Wants to be a Millionaire after answering difficult questions of science and emerge victorious. Kevin began speaking at the age of four months and he graduated the University at the age of 10 years. 
8: Willie Mosconi 
At age 6 years Willie Mosconi was a competent player of Pool Table and got various achievements through the game and he won a World Straight Pool Championship for 15 consecutive years. 
 9: Melaina Smith 
He set the record of being the youngest presenter ever, where he established its advisory Show at the age of 7. In 2016 he won the Best Female Journalist 'Gracie Award'. Melaina Smith is currently the presenter of the morning show on radio popular in Florida, USA.
10: Saul Aaron Kripke
Are among of those who confirmed that, success is  not determined by age where at the age of four years he was able to calculate the arithmetic Algebra. As Secondary Saul Aaron Kripke and later on was invited to teach at Harvard University. 

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