Saturday, May 13, 2017

Get ready:Appeals for fake Certificate will be out on Monday

Image result for Dk. Charles Msonde,Executive Secretary of the National Examinations Council In (NECTA), Dr. Charles Msonde, said a list of names of employees who appealed after being mentioned by fake certificates will be issued publicly on Monday.
Names of employees who will be among the 9,932 listed entrusted to President John Magufuli April 28 Minister of State in the Office of Public Service Management and Governance, Angella Kairuki.
These servants allegedly having fake certificates were given approximately 12 days to appeal if they feel they have oppressed.

Speaking to this newspaper, Dr. Msonde said the list will be released immediately after the completion of the exercise.
"Exercise of the appeal continues, DEADLINE (last) May 15, we are currently unable to report only half, I think that we endure until Monday will give a full report," said Dr. Msonde.
He said it was too early to report that, since the time that staff have been given by President Magufuli closed.
Earlier, speaking to this newspaper, the Secretary General of the Presidential Office, Service, Dr. Laurean Ndumbaro, said so far the number of appeals is small.
"I am the way I look Dodoma, here I do not have exact information, but that is not the most appealing, it will be the perfect answer NECTA because they are the ones who receive a referral, we brought copy (copies) of the appeal," said Dr. Ndumbaro.
Referring to the third phase of announcing the names of staff with fake certificates that are present in the remaining ministries and institutions, said the fast will be announced soon, after the process is completed.
These titles, which previously had to be announced on Friday, Dr. Ndumbaro said the ministry failed to do so because exercise is not yet complete.
"The list is accomplished, is in the final stages, but very soon (soon) will come out," said Dr. Ndumbaro.
He said if the exercise is completed as planned, might be released next week.
The act of alienating staff with fake certificates have been proven to affect performance at work in various sectors, especially the health and causing inconvenience to patients.
Source: Mtanzania

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