Saturday, May 13, 2017

Public servants with 1st,2nd or 3rd Degree, Found with Fake Certificate Will be Canceled From Profession

Image result for Prof. Dr. Simon Msanjila.Government says public servants who have a first degree to the three who will manifest forged certificates Form four and six will be cleared of their profession.

Speaking with Mtanzania, Deputy Permanent Secretaries,Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Vocational Prof. Dr. Simon Msanjila. Avemaria Semakafu, said the fault in academic is clear by law repealed pose profession responsible.

These secretaries were speaking after opening a meeting of the council of 24 of the employees of the ministry in the region.

"Even if you have knowledge about how much but there is one level If found to have forged then according to your profession rules will be deleted immediately," said Professor Msanjila.

He said authorities are well-known as a character has shown fake certificates then his career will be deleted without any objection.

And Dr. Semakafu said the purpose of verification of fake certificates is to have qualified staff and professional education according to the deserving.

He said the inspection certification is a strategy many days the aim is to improve education in the country.

"The goal is everyone sit in place and standards are eligible," said Dr. Semakafu.

Earlier inaugurating the conference, Professor Msanjila urged the ministry staff to stop working practices and instead be creative due to change.

He said the government has set itself to bring significant changes in the education sector and has set priorities based on improving the quality of education in all fields.

"Government is committed to have a quality education in the levels inside and outside the country by distributing laboratory supplies, so let us work practices. You will need a great professionalism and dedication to check the results of the work," he said.

Meanwhile, the government said employees who have appealed after it was revealed to be fake certificates are not allowed to continue working until their appeal completed.

Source: Mtanzania

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