Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The List of Police Officers found with Fake and Forgery Certificates and were Deleted from Payroll

The Police Force announces that following Police officers of various ranks have been terminated and canceled from payroll after being found with fake and forged certificates when applying for the jobs in the police force.
With the dismissal, legal action against them will follow. These soldiers are;

16260 Daniel Petro 9338816 Assistant Inspector Of Police
D 5469 Hamisi AHMED Baajuni 7176425 Corporal Of Police
D.1545 Raphael SINGANO Mdoe 7152551 Corporal Of Police
D.3278 Meck Thomas 8531986 Sergeant Of Police
D.5977 FORGET STEPHEN KAAYA 8528906 Sergeant Of Police
E.2365 Mustafa MWINDADI Mohamed 8524621 Corporal Of Police
E.2370 Ezekiel JUMA Anania 8675659 Corporal Of Police
E.3123 Silveri SIMPHORIN MWANGA 8678085 Corporal Of Police
E.3928 Respicius GRATION Buberwa 8721615 Corporal Of Police
E.4264 Jackson NEHEMIA kingu 8811444 Station Sergeant Of Police
E.4793 Edward CHRISPIN Mumba 8678111 Corporal Of Police
E.6166 Mrisho ALLY Yusuph 8766614 Police Constable
E.9441 Kalisti VARELIAN Masawe 9186796 Police Constable
E.9807 Sosten ELIAS Nyenza 9338090 Station Sergeant Of Police
E.9933 Chinuka PETER Denis 9338089 Police Constable
E5563 Ali SAIDI Msimbazi 8762993 Corporal Of Police
E5982 Rajabu JUMANNE Ndele 8766371 Police Constable
E6958 Innocent ALLOYCE Siriwa 8811488 Police Constable
E8095 Harrydavis RAYNORD Mpongoliana 8908135 Police Constable
F.112 Herbert DONALD Kazonde 9338791 Station Sergeant Of Police
F.1289 Emily EMANUEL JIngu 9444579 Corporal Of Police
F.2409 idrisa YUSUF nasoro 9519976 Sergeant Of Police
F.3074 Ramadhani IDD Omari 9519910 Police Constable
F.4950 IMAN LIMBE SELYA 9561023 Sergeant Of Police
F3665 ALKADO MWATANGA MAHINYA 9561090 Police Constable
F3847 Abiah Mwakajinga 9561126 Police Constable
F5045 Noel MTINGA Germanus 9954209 Sergeant Of Police
G.6273 Lyochi KINYAMA Mabumbe 12011579 Police Constable
G.7308 Mohamed SADIKI Tindwa 12205029 Conversion Designation
G.7956 Paul DANIEL John 12208317 Conversion Designation
G.9043 Pendael JOSEPH Lukumay 12208421 Conversion Designation
PF.18257 HASSAN RAJABU YASSIN 9559693 Sergeant Of Police
PF.18542 LAZARO LUCAS 9561137 Station Sergeant Of Police
PF15952 Juma ALLY Jumanne 9452668 Assistant Inspector Of Police
PW5084 Revanes CHARLES john 9561425 Police Constable
WP 2770 Longage IDAN Mng'Ong'O 7678538 Corporal Of Police
WP 4554 KIRSTEN AMOUR Amour 9519781 Corporal Of Police
WP.2823 Mwanakombo MWANDEGE Salimu 8516808 Corporal Of Police
WP.7656 Lilian KIMARO Salvatory 12011960 Police Constable
WP.8622 Mwanvita JOELY Nzumbe 12222889 Police Constable
WP.8723 Flora MGANGA John 12194351 Conversion Designation
WP1647 LAZZA SEMUNYU MSAMI 6879693 Station Sergeant Of Police
FESTUS BENSON LUSINGU 9519873 Police Constable
Gustaph ANTHONY Tawete 8811385 Sergeant Of Police
18246 deusy NORBERT Chalamila 9559501 Sergeant Of Police
D.5510 Chrisogon MNDELWA Hizza 7677195 Police Constable
D.9934 Sosthenes SEBASTIAN Sebastian 8531920 Corporal Of Police
F.5273 George JUMA Nyang'anyi 9954302 Police Constable
G.1123 joseph DAVID njama 11014292 Police Constable
G.8954 Boniphace MASANJA Yengela 12188993 Conversion Designation
WP 6078 HUSNA ABDALLAH MUNA 10544525 Police Constable
WP.7018 hamisa JUMANNE mwiga 11439741 Police Constable
WP.8577 Zabibu RUKONGE Meya 12215557 Conversion Designation
Ramadhani MAPINDA Shabani 8677882 Corporal Of Police
E.3789 Dismas LUSIAN Barhe 8716594 Corporal Of Police
G 2437 BONIFACE KISANDU JOHNSON 11435547 Police Constable
G 9114 Tumaini WILLIAM Shilla 12213959 Conversion Designation
G 2493 leonard JOBISO john 11435570 Police Constable
G 4902 G4902Pc S S Abdallah 11786490 Police Constable
G 4906 G4906Pc S S Hongole 11786504 Police Constable
G.370 ABEL JOHN MNYAKIJU 11014454 Police Constable
PF.15797 Seifu BAKARI Mkopi 7678789 Assistant Inspector Of Police
WP 1557 Chema HAMZA Ally 6415181 Sergeant Of Police
WP 6551 justina REUBEN msidada 11015118 Police Constable
WP 8392 Fauzia HAMISI Ally 12218971 Police Constable
E.1189 John JOSEPHAT Dao 8525466 Corporal Of Police
E.2006 AHMED DONART SAULOS 8170028 Corporal Of Police
E.2366 Shaaban HARUNA Shaaban 8524975 Corporal Of Police
E.3443 Adam Mussa 8195612 Police Constable
F 5258 Halfani SHABAN Omar 9954287 Police Constable
F.11 Simon AFRICA Mjarifu 9338067 Police Constable
F.4987 Rogers JOSHUA Mmari 9559752 Police Constable
F.5080 Maligana HARUNA Liscer 9950980 Police Constable
F.5322 Isaack EMMANUEL Lunda 9954313 Police Constable
F.6669 gabriel PAULO CHACHA 10224959 Police Constable
F.8768 HANZURUNI JUMA KUGA 10544455 Police Constable
G.4871 G4871Pc B C Matunduka 11786423 Police Constable
G.7729 Doninic CHRISTIAN Awor 12191269 Conversion Designation
G.7731 Pascal OGAT Ondiek 12207993 Conversion Designation
G.7848 kihila SHADRACK Masasi 12221339 Police Constable
G.821 boniface STANSLAUS nyawayega 11014591 Police Constable
G.9083 Isihaka ABDALLAH Kapemba 12198292 Conversion Designation
G.9086 John GEORGE Kilimo 12199775 Conversion Designation
PF.18803 CLAUDIO PAUL SAMBI 10544488 Police Constable
WP.4556 NEEMA ODEN SADICK 9519747 Police Constable
WP.5235 Scholastica JOSEPH Maluli 9954586 Police Constable
WP.8572 Tausi ALLY Magembe 12225395 Police Constable
WP.8602 Mwajuma BAKARI Shabani 12222834 Police Constable
WP.8617 Halima MOHAMEDI Salumu 12196410 Conversion Designation
WP.8755 Rita LAZARO Nalino 12210225 Conversion Designation
SANAI GODFREY KIRUKI 11435352 Police Constable
D.6689 Michael FRANCIS Katundu 8821098 Police Constable
D.8613 Peter ALOYCE Mlula 8525293 Corporal Of Police
E 3064 George BONIFACE Kamugisha 8187833 Corporal Of Police
E 8869 Nzagalila EMMANUEL Kikwelele 9066285 Police Constable
E 4671 Abjani MOHAMED Mnayahe 8924461 Corporal Of Police
E 5285 Beda CHARLES Komba 8770129 Corporal Of Police
E 6034 Nassoro ISMAIL IBRAHIM 8766924 Police Constable
E 796 Abdu KASSIM Mtawa 8675888 Corporal Of Police
E 9711 Nikson RICHARD Sekwao 9337152 Police Constable
E 99 Nurdin MMBUNGHU Hamisi 8677435 Corporal Of Police
F 8767 Innocent KASHINDYE Humma 10544444 Police Constable
F 693 Lucas LINUS lusingu 9336269 Police Constable
F.1489 Boneventura MAFURU Wilbard 9449600 Police Constable
F.2278 F.2278PC.LEMMA NDEE 9518599 Police Constable
F.6541 FRANK MATERNUS MVULA 10294897 Police Constable
G 1001 SILAS YOHANA MSABAHA 11014557 Police Constable
G.2223 abdallah MUHUSIN alli 11435422 Police Constable
G.3840 abdallah SAID Ally 12007661 Police Constable
G.4765 G4765Pc S J Bangirana 11786548 Police Constable
G.7680 Joseph MANYAMA Manumbu 12200317 Conversion Designation
G.7726 Sangoro ALBETUS Ouma 12211649 Conversion Designation
WP 3596 Rossemary STEPHEN Mashiku 8833451 Corporal Of Police
WP 6632 joyce GISLAR namwambe 11014982 Police Constable
WP.7446 Wp7446Pc M J Salum 11786560 Police Constable
WP.7468 Wp7468Pc S R Fungavyem 11786582 Police Constable
Elisante SIMONI Ulomi 9331415 Police Constable
18480 ngonji STAMBULI N C STAMBULI 9520158 Sergeant Of Police
D.6299 Abdallah MKILINDI Mbega 8183536 Sergeant Of Police
E 4256 Twaha ISSA Mohamed 8766979 Corporal Of Police
E.5291 Donat Majembe 8766083 Police Constable
E.6959 Peter JOHN Mulokozi 8811400 Sergeant Of Police
E.810 Ramadhan SHAABAN Shija 8156844 Police Constable
F.1745 Jumanne SHOMBE shombe 9449448 Police Constable
F.4224 david JESSE msuya 9559659 Police Constable
F.4777 Mfaume NASSIB Bongi 9559615 Police Constable
F.6663 FREDSON MASUKE Pc Fredson M 10213504 Police Constable
F.6717 leonard NSHUNJU Pc Leonard N 10213526 Police Constable
F.6796 F6796 MATHEW mihayo 10213559 Police Constable
F.8311 Nelson GIDION Mwakatobe 10562855 Police Constable
F.9276 said HAMAD salum 10566163 Police Constable
F.9963 MICHAEL LUGUYA 11014753 Police Constable
G.125 G125 Yahaya T Mhova 11014890 Police Constable
G.1422 EZEKIELY HANSI MWAKALINGA 11439523 Police Constable
G.1814 hasan MLIHANO rashidi 11429843 Police Constable
G.2492 JOHN FRANK MPUTA 11435569 Police Constable
G.347 ahmad MAKWYA mussa 11014627 Corporal Of Police
G.4846 G4846 Pc N J Obed 11786869 Police Constable
G.6541 Jummanne TWAIBU Lihondo 12014616 Police Constable
G.683 joseph CASMIRY mushi 11014524 Police Constable
G.8955 Egomgo ALOYCE Mayamba 12191694 Conversion Designation
G.8959 Emmanuel MADATA Lubigisa 12192568 Conversion Designation
G.8961 Samson OBADO Obado 12211443 Conversion Designation
G.8963 joseph JOHN Peter 12200373 Conversion Designation
PF.18324 JEREMIAH GERALD OUKO 9520170 Corporal Of Police
PF.18870 MUSSA MOHAMED MBODE 11014694 Police Constable
WP.4199 Lister WILFRED Mwakalonge 9441877 Police Constable
WP.5244 Zahara FADHIL Mafaume 9954597 Police Constable
WP.7129 MARTINA ISIDORY PASCHAL 11435167 Police Constable
WP.7153 bupe AMBWENE mwanyasi 11435189 Police Constable
Friday LASTONE Mwassa 9446676 Police Constable
stephen MAGULU simon 9561562 Police Constable
migushi ELIASI mashala 11014535 Police Constable
HAKIKA JUMA halfani 9561573 Police Constable
D 9929 Augustino SYLVESTER mwanga 8685465 Corporal Of Police
D.3097 Issack ERNEST Kimaro 8531953 Corporal Of Police
D.8863 Osward NATHANI kumburu 8534426 Police Constable
D.9147 Abdalla OMAR Mbarouk 7698323 Corporal Of Police
D8407 Lusekelo ANDONGOLILE Mwandemelela 8434799 Corporal Of Police
E 4796 Saidi ATHUMANI Kasidi 8678133 Corporal Of Police
E 6736 Fikiri SANAWA Maige 8934679 Police Constable
E 3204 Lugano Daniel 8436896 Corporal Of Police
E.5581 Gharib ALII Sharif 8762856 Corporal Of Police
E.8269 Athman JUMA Athman 8934303 Police Constable
E.9617 Khama ALLY Khama 9335963 Corporal Of Police
F 5102 Cleopa NJOKALI Kitambi 9954210 Police Constable
F 9909 F9909 Wiliiam K Sakui 11014328 Police Constable
F 8068 Onesmo SAMEHE Kanyorota 10544329 Police Constable
F.3247 Maulid RAJABU Meta 9517318 Police Constable
F.4859 NASORO MSEMAKWELI Pc Nassoro M 9560978 Police Constable
F.5313 Jonathan MAJARINO Msilu 9947287 Police Constable
F.5522 Godlisten EGIDIO Mpalile 9953981 Police Constable
F.7309 AUDAX JOSEPH MUNDEL 10221431 Police Constable
F.7732 sadiki MANSURY mbura 10563070 Police Constable
F.7990 WILLIAM JOSEPH MMASSY 10544282 Police Constable
F.89 Jumanne RAMADHANI Majani 9338779 Station Sergeant Of Police
G 5708 William JOSIA Ogendo 12009971 Police Constable
G 4486 G4486Pc M M Ali 11808709 Police Constable
G 6601 Rashidi ABDALLAH Simba 12038605 Police Constable
G 7213 Yahaya HAMISI Husseini 12215199 Conversion Designation
G.2416 BARNABAS FAUSTINE MATAMBALA 11435503 Police Constable
G.247 nadhiri RUGANGIRA titus 11014395 Police Constable
G.2491 ngazi MBEGA mwaliza 11435558 Police Constable
G.2556 IDDI RAMADHANI SELEMANI 11435581 Police Constable
G.2657 hosea WILLIAM makala 11439578 Police Constable
G.280 CHACHA KARUMBA MAKURU 11014579 Police Constable
G.3207 G3207Pc Faraji R Ally 11809681 Police Constable
G.324 imani RAPHAEL bhihogola 11014409 Police Constable
G.3971 G3971 Pc M M Mkumbuye 11786191 Police Constable
G.4482 G4487Pc Moh'D K Juma 11808710 Police Constable
G.4483 G4483Pc N S Khamis 11808684 Police Constable
G.4484 G4484Pc Simai K Ali 11808695 Police Constable
G.4488 G4488Pc S Machano Haji 11808721 Police Constable
G.4598 G498Pc W J Ramadhan 11809739 Police Constable
G.6314 Novatus FLORENTINE Kimario 12014557 Police Constable
G.6325 Gwantwa . Mwakisole 12012166 Police Constable
G.6327 Frank YAKOBO Kipengele 12007362 Police Constable
G.7043 John BEATUS Gerald 12013731 Police Constable
G.7096 Alhaji MUSSA Massawe 12010823 Police Constable
G.8878 Erick LAZARO Mwinuka 12218591 Police Constable
G1647 CRISPIN BAHATI MGONDE 11429751 Police Constable
PF.17129/3 Zamda Selemani Mussa 12357672 Conversion Designation
PF.18285 Regina PRAYSOD Mtana 9338573 Station Sergeant Of Police
WP 6650 RUTH ALEX BULA 11014993 Police Constable
WP. 7315 Wp7315Pc H A Mwaipopo 11786593 Police Constable
WP.4255 Mwanshamba JUMA ramadhani 9454776 Corporal Of Police
WP.5407 Khadija Ussi Ali 9958931 Police Constable
WP.5513 TATU NASORO kibwende 10217306 Police Constable
WP.5622 anna MUHAMED Lufingo 10220331 Police Constable
WP.5883 SHAMIRA HARUNA KISUSI 10544570 Police Constable
WP.5932 Hawa ABDALLAH mchambe 10563069 Police Constable
WP.6797 AGNESS CHARLES MBELWA 11439659 Police Constable
WP.7677 Jazila BAJABU Iddy 12010465 Police Constable
WP.7842 Aleyce BEATUS Swila 12008487 Police Constable
WP.8039 Getruda . Mwameka 12016373 Police Constable
WP.8192 Bihilda MUGAYA MWEYA 12188834 Conversion Designation
WP.8267 Imaculata SAIMON Dauda 12198063 Conversion Designation
WP.8603 Mary DANIEL Lupavila 12222188 Police Constable
WP3778 MAIMUNA HUSSEIN 8899884 Corporal Of Police
WP5460 maria JOHN mbara 10221486 Police Constable
WP5630 Wp5630 Pc Anna Mbwambo 10214730 Police Constable
WP7050 SOPHIA HAMISI MFANANDO 11439752 Police Constable
Z.2249 ASHA KASSIM SALUM 4883632 Station Sergeant Of Police
happy KASENGA jaffary 10550908 Police Constable
rajabu ISSA ngumbi 10221372 Police Constable Abedinego Gidion 8169352 Corporal Of Police.

Issued by:
Unit of Communications and public education,
Tanzania Police Force,
S.L.P 123, 
Dar es Salaam
Simu: +255 715009980 
Fax: +255 715009980,

Warning!! The information above was denied by Police  
Police denies data flowed on interpersonal organizations that includes its troops nearness in the names of fake declarations expressing that the data is false and does not explicitly allowed to the armed force.

These have been recognized and an announcement issued by representative of Police, ACP Advera Bulimba and say they keep on looking for somebody who convey that data with the end goal of deceiving people in general to extraordinary measures to lawfully be taken against him as a lesson to others with comparable qualities.

"Police in the nation, reports that rundown of names that have been spread on informal communities guaranteeing that the names of the troopers of the police force with fake endorsements are false and don't see it was not granted to the police". The announcement said

Avoid to Spread Fake and False Information is against the law!

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