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After the Scandal of ATCL to knock the door The government has become increasingly brutalized with debt

Saidi Lugumi's auctioned auction houses with Yono Auction Mart brokerage company may not be sold because the businessman is also required to claim the government, the Raia mwema has been told.

Recently, Yono announced the sale of Lugumi's three existing houses in Dar es Salaam for a statement that he owes Tshs 14 billion and the Tanzanian Revenue Authority (TRA) which he has failed to pay in due time.

The auction of these luxury houses in areas of the most controversial people is scheduled to be held on September 9 this year in Dar es Salaam.

Reliable sources of this magazine have explained that the auction can be stagnated due to the fact that Lugumi himself claims the government much larger than what he claims by TRA.

"I think the auction will be terminated because Lugumi also claims the government's billions of shillings due to the trade he has ever had in the past and has not yet been paid to date.

"Now gentlemen I claim you ten shillings, for example. You as you claim me three shillings you can not sell my property because I want you more. That's the reason that Lugum has.

"Its assets are demanded by the state that it claims to be significantly larger. I know he has told them instead of selling his property, do not give him the first money they claim and then pay it back, "one of the ten friends in Lugumi who knows his business well and the government told the newspaper.

Until we go to the streets, it could not be known what business that Lugumi did with the billions of governmental governments, but the real citizen knows that the businessman was one of those who were trusted by the government of President Jakaya Kikwete during his reign.

This magazine made all efforts to contact and find Lugumi until we went to the streets but all our efforts hit the rock. Since he became aware of his business dealings with the Police Force to be investigated by the Tanzania Parliament, Lugumi has been difficult to find.

The newspaper spoke to one of his assistants on the day but explained that his boss was in official sessions and would contact the newspaper when he was finishing. However, the assistant did not want to say so where they are going to happen and if our correspondent could have waited patiently.

The Lugumi Houses reported to be auctioned are two existing at 47 compound category two Mbweni JKT Kinondoni Municipality, compound number 57 kitalu number two, located in Mbweni and compound No. 701/48 located on Mazengo Street, Upanga.

Speaking to a Raia Mwema during the weekend, Yono CEO, Scolastica Kevela, told the newspaper that the auction program was overlooked and no information was prevented from preventing the situation they had received until then.

"Until I'm talking to you this time I do not have any information from TRA to tell us not to sell these homes. So the auction of September 9 is so sharp that maybe he will pay his debt before that day, "said Kevela last weekend.

Various television shows shown last week at various centers in the country and on social networks showed the mother with a group of children in some of the houses described as owned by Lugumi.

According to the brokerage procedures, if a house is to be sold, buyers will have to pay part of the advertised sale of the houses during the auction and to spend some time in the future.

The CEO said they have not yet known how luxurious castles will sell as they are waiting to be given direct prices and TRAs who are their customers.

In this regard, the TRA Tax Director of Education, Richard Kayombo, said the auction of the houses had left the auctioner and that all the information about the auction would be released by Yono themselves.

"The issue of suspension or continuation of the auction is the case. I can not talk about it now because we have let someone else deal with us, "said Kayombo.

Kayombo did not want to say in general how much TRA is claiming Lugumi saying that the issue is hidden between them and their client and he did not want to talk about the claims that Lugumi also claims the government.

Who is Lugumi?

Said Hamad Lugumi's name gained extra popularity after the Parliamentary Audit Committee (PAC) conducted a monetary investigation that his company was paid by the Police Force for forming AFIS's fingerprint system. Police stations in the country.

The report of the Controller and Auditor General (CAG) had indicated that although the company had been awarded a construction contract since 2011, it had not completed the work although it was paid more than 90 percent of the cost.

According to the 2014/2015 report, Lugumi Enterprises was awarded a total of 34 billion shillings between 37 billion shillings required to pay. Not many reports are known about Lugumi, though he is known as a boy born in the Region Regional Regions and has gone far before becoming one of the traders influenced by the lawyer. The Lugumi and PACK Company were charged with dealing with the Police Force for installing fingerprint machines at 108 centers throughout the country at a cost of Sh 37 billion. But when the PAC decided to carry the matter, the machines were were closed at only 14 centers and the company paid Sh 34 billion equivalent to 99 percent of the contract agreement currency. As a result, the PAC which identified the corruption indicators in the process, ordered the military executives to submit a contract statement the same with his illustrations so the delegates could go along with the instructions. The Chairman of the PAC, Aeshi Hillary told journalists when the allegation of Lugumi was urgent that its committee requested police officers to submit the company's contract so that the delegates could pass through the order and order. He claimed that the police officer's officers submitted only a statement of property, without a contract the same thing that is contrary to the orders of the committee and that the issue of the treaty was being violated by the parties. He said the committee is contacting Parliamentary Secretary, Dr Thomas Kashilila, to get information if the contract has been submitted to his office or parliament. The city said the parliamentary law requires the executives who are given instructions to submit information to the committee, to submit the information to the office of the Secretary of Parliament. "The Parliamentary Regulations require executive practitioners to submit the information required to the committee to the Secretary of Parliament, who is in contact with the secretary of the relevant committee, but I'm talking to you here, we're not given the statement "If the army does not submit the statement, the committee will order the Government to take action against the executives who fail to fulfill their obligations." There is nothing to hide here, that is, the delegates have wanted this agreement to be submitted, if the Police Force will be in danger, we will write a government letter to them The disciplinary action of non-disciplinary actors, "said Aeshi. He said from that situation, the members of the committee would wait for the reports to be submitted, and if they were not submitted they would report. Finally PAC succeeded in seeing the contract.
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