Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Government has announced 13700 employment opportunities for Primary and Secondary Teachers Before Jan/2018

The Government intends to employ 13,700 primary and secondary school teachers in the next month as the measure to overcome the challenges caused by Free Education Policy.

The government said in Dodoma that they would hire the teachers, to close the gaps left by the employees who were removed from the fake certificates and the search for ghost workers.

According to the statement, the government will employ 2,700 primary and secondary school teachers at any time from that day.

In addition, the government said before the end of this year, it will hire 11,000 other educators who will number 7,000 primary and 4,000 primary schools for the secondary school.

As we have said, Believe, this government promise is hoping for society in a period where the Free Education Policy is faced with various challenges.

But also the release of employment is a good news among the community after hearing the sad news that the country had 19,000 employees who had either a fake certificate and ghost workers that identified them and eventually removed them.

Take advantage of this opportunity, Please, congratulate the fifth-term government for being confident and able to eliminate ghost workers and tax collectors in public service.

And we congratulate the government too, Pay it, to afford to start recruiting shortly after the exercise is completed as explained by almost 14,000 prospective teachers.

And since the government has promised to complete the exercise over the next 32 days, there would be no good news about closing the year in the education sector.

There would be no more good year-ending in the education sector than we say, I say, because it will be held on May 13, this year, when submitting the statement of the Standing Committee on the Service of Social Services and Social Development on the Ministry of Education, Science, budget and Technology for this financial year, member of the committee, Hussein Bashe, noted several challenges facing the implementation of the Free Education Policy, one of which was a shortage of teachers.

Bashe, who is also a member of Nzega Urban (CCM), said the committee identified Tanzania facing a challenge of 182,899 shortcuts of primary school and 69,794 secondary schools.

Basically, in those accounts of the Standing Committee on Service and Social Development the government still has a long way to complete the problem.

In the fiscal year and a little more ago, the government issued a total of Shs. 37 billion for strengthening 148 schools by building houses for girls and boys, as challenges in the education sector are many.

But still take advantage of this opportunity, I advise you to focus on providing more jobs for teachers as the economic potential allows you to achieve this optimistic effect on the sector and to eliminate the deficit shown by the Standing Committee on Service and Social Development.


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