Monday, November 6, 2017

The government has punished 1,595 employees for recruiting ghost workers

The government has punished them for taking disciplinary and legal measures, 1,595 employees from the Ministry, Independent Departments, Government Agencies, Regional Secretariat and Local Government Authorities in the country after the detention have led to the recruiting and employed of the country's ghost civil servants.

In addition, the Government said they would continue to design and implement strategies to ensure that public service has accurate, well-educated and accurate professionals and work in the right place to maximize efficiency and enable the Government to achieve its ambitious and medium-sized economy.

The Secretary-General, the Presidential Office, Public Service Management and Good Governance, Dr. Laurean Ndumbaro, said that when he presented a statement of staff reviews and qualifications for the fourth and sixth session examinations, he attended the Standing Committee on Governance and Government Dodoma. However, Dr Ndumbaro, who commented on the weekend, did not say staff were taken disciplinary action for their involvement in terms of employing more than 16,000 air workers.

He said in order to address the problem of public servants forged academic certificates and professionals, the Government and other stakeholders develop and implement strategies and measures to identify and regulate forgery certificates in the country.

He said that in order to control employees for self-employment, the Government is committed to ensuring professional certificates and education of new employees and returning to employment for various reasons for free from vacation, contracts, transfers and imprisonment are guaranteed by the relevant authorities before being incorporated and approved on salary payment list to continue with the work they had.

"All employers in the public sector have been directed to implement this mandate as well as to take legal action against all potential applicants," explained Dr Ndumbaro.

In order to have accurate staff information in the country, the Government has planned to integrate and harmonize strategic systems including human information (HCMIS, NIDA, RITA, NECTA and TRA systems) to accelerate employees' reporting, air traffic control, reporting fraud a variety of staff and simplify exchange and reporting of information and documentation of public servants.

Dr Ndumbaro said, from the start of the registration of the National Identity Authority (NIDA) registration and contained in the HCMIS System. The point is that the Government plans to expand the audit certification scope for verification of higher education and professionals in accordance with the requirements of the various developmental development structures for non-political activists.

Source: Habari leo

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