Monday, January 15, 2018

Why Africa is dead?

  Xpresstz       Monday, January 15, 2018
We have seen over the years, Africa which is more than 60 years old but comparably the most miserable continent.I would like to share my thoughts and believe that Africa is really a dark continent and will remain so for many centuries ahead.
It is no doubt that Africa will always lag behind partly because economic development is not a political agenda but politics have become an economic agenda.

I see dark Africa because it has in power those who are basically mediocre brains. These people were not supposed to be given decision making positions because of their intellectual defficiencies. In Africa mediocre brain people are very influential partly because intellects have refused to be involved in politics and partly  because mediocre people are ready to do anything to gain power or remain in power.
Africa is blessed with political leaders who are in fact decision makers, who don't care about the future generation, thats why they are not creating sound political system to cater for today's and future problems. In Africa opposition political parties are regarded as enemies because those in power lack true education which is actually liberation of ones stand point. People who do not believe that difference in perspectives is the key to development. #people who do not care their own future generations but instead will do anything regardless of its future impact

In Africa, young people have no hopes and are not assured of their tomorrow. Africa is the only continent whose young generation have lost hope that they are ready to sell their dignity and opt to become slaves in other continents. We've heard and seen whats happening in Libya. Young people trying to push to Europe and therefore sold as slaves by the indigeneous Libyans. This is a very serious issue to be addressed across the continent.

African societies are responsible for all the evils existing in our time. In pyschological point of view, human being is made by two components, 1.nature and 2. Nurture.. Nature being intellectual capacity naturally given and nurture being environmental influence in creating a man. The nurture is the way a person is upbrought by the family and his interaction with the people around #Africa has a very grave problem with the way it nurtures its people. The problems of corruption and power monger are the result of how these leaders have been affected by their poor societies.
 J.k.Nyerere once said "universities are there to create graduates who will stand for the truth regardless of consequences to themselves. It seems that Education have very limited impact to change these people for the better. 

In Africa opposition Political parties are considered enemies who should be suppressed coercively..that's why to be in opposition parties is a hard decision in Africa.
Most African nations i.e. Tanzania Lack of national vision which are not be adhered by the succeeding government till they are fulfilled. The parties' agenda are the ones covering that void though for sure thay void exist. Every new government come in power with its new agendas. This leave many projects unfinished and so the country cannot develop.

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