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Top highest paying jobs in Tanzania

  Xpresstz       Sunday, March 11, 2018
You are about to join college and perhaps wondering which is the best career to study to have a successful life. Below is a list of the highest paying jobs in Tanzania.

  • Lawyers
A lawyer is an individual who eats life with a big spoon in Tanzania. Those employed by popular law firms earn more than Tsh 2 million while those in private practice make even more than Tsh 20 million per month.
The reason why law is one of the best is because of the rigorous training they undergo before becoming lawyer. Another reason why it’s a respected profession is because lawyers don’t compete for jobs with other graduates.
  • Medical Doctors
Medical doctors are people who sacrifice a lot to ensure the population is healthy.Because of that, they attract very good salaries.
Apart from being employed as a doctor, you can start your own clinic/hospital and make money like pea nuts.
  • NGO employees
If you manage to secure employment at the United Nations or top NGOs like World Vision, your life will never be the same again.
These NGOs, however, have preferred skills, which include Statistics, environmental science, political science, monitoring and evaluation, project management, communications, and even bachelor of commerce.
At the United Nations, you can earn more than Tsh 5 million even if you don’t possess a masters degree.
  • Chief Executive Officers
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the senior most employee of any organization. In Tanzania, more than half of the CEOs earn at least Tsh 5 million per month, which is good enough for anyone to live a comfortable life.
To be the CEO of any company, you must possess several years of professional experience on top of exemplary academic qualifications.
  • Oil and Gas Engineer
If you want good money in Tanzania, then study oil and gas engineering. This is one course that is highly paying; in fact, several engineers earn above Tsh 3 million-there are others who earn more than Tsh 5 million.
  • Finance Manager
A Finance Manager is not only respected in Tanzania but also highly paid. The average salary of a Finance Manager for top companies is Tsh 5 million. But to be a Finance Manager one has to study business related course and a professional course like CPA, ACCA, CIA or CFA
  • Pilot
Piloting is so far the best career in Tanzania. To be a pilot, you have to be thoroughly trained for at least 4 years.Thereafter,you can get a top paying job which will earn you at least Tsh 7 million per month.
  • Financial Analyst
A Financial Analyst is an individual who works at the investment banks, stock brokers and stock market.
To be a Financial Analyst, you must pursue Chartered Financial Analyst, which is a tough course.
After completing the professional certification, employers and companies will come for you.
The starting salary of a Financial Analyst in Tanzania is Tsh 2 million

Below is a list of the 20 highest paying careers in Tanzania as compiled by Xpresstz
Job Title                                             Average Salary
1.   Production Executive2,682,461 TZS
2.   Network Technician2,460,000 TZS
3.   Market Development Manager2,400,000 TZS
4.   Mine Engineer2,200,000 TZS
5.   Assistant Manager2,155,650 TZS
6.   Biomedical Engineering Director2,100,000 TZS
7.   Senior Accountant2,000,000 TZS
8.   Sales Manager1,900,000 TZS
9.   Field Service Manager1,800,000 TZS
10.   Quality Assurance Manager1,550,000 TZS
11.   Biochemist1,500,000 TZS
12.   Physician - Radiology1,500,000 TZS
13.   Junior Staff Accountant1,370,000 TZS
14.   Accountant1,266,667 TZS
15.   Travel Agent and Tour Guide1,200,000 TZS
16.   System Administrator1,100,000 TZS
17.   Human Resources Administrator1,100,000 TZS
18.   Project Manager1,000,000 TZS
19.   Assistant Programme Officer1,000,000 TZS
20.   Corporate Sous Chef930,000 TZS
21.   Area Director850,000 TZS
22.   Human Resources Manager833,333 TZS
23.   Administrative Manager675,000 TZS
24.   Chartered Accountant650,000 TZS
25.   Advertising Coordinator644,700 TZS
26.   Microbiologist500,000 TZS
27.   Area Sales Manager200,000 TZS
28.   Manufacturing Engineer100,000 TZS
29.   Graphic Designer100,000 TZS

More details...
On the other hand, sectors whose productivity is seasonal such as the agriculture has employees that are poorly paid, adding that such sectors also tend to have a high concentration of low skilled employees.
Older employees, aged 36 and above, are slightly better paid across all sectors of the economy than younger employees (15-35 years), the report indicates.
In gender categorisation, shows, the largest proportion of adult males (21.4 per cent) received monthly wages of from Sh150,001 to Sh300,000 followed by those earning Sh500,001 to Sh900,000 per month with 19.9 per cent.
“On the other hand, the largest proportion of male youth (37.9 per cent) earned monthly wages ranging from Sh300,001 to Sh500,000, followed by those earning between Sh150,001 and Sh300,000 (18.8 per cent),” the report adds.

Additionally, the study shows, the largest proportion of adult females (25.5 per cent) earned monthly wages of between Sh500,001 and Sh900,000 followed by those earning between Sh300,001 and Sh500,000 (20.1 per cent). On the other hand, the largest proportion of female youth earns monthly wages ranging from Sh300,001 to Sh500,000 (33.5 per cent).

In general, the survey reveals that most of the employees in Tanzania (24.7 per cent) in both public and private sectors earned monthly wages of between Sh300,001 and Sh500,000.
The report also indicates that public sector employees especially from parastatals are the best paid if allowances and other perks are included. The average monthly cash earnings of public sector workers (salary plus allowances and other perks) were Sh1,063,064 in 2015 as compared to Sh353,589 for private sector workers.

“Parastatal organisations had the highest monthly average cash earnings for regular employees (Sh1,793,738) followed by central and local governments Sh1,006,559). On the other hand, regular employees in the private profit making institutions had the lowest monthly average cash earnings of Sh349,744.
Furthermore, the average monthly earnings of male workers are higher than that of female workers in both public and private sector. The average cash earnings of male workers in the public sector are Sh1 million while that of their female colleagues is Sh957,816. In the private sector, male workers earn an average of Sh373,704 while their female colleagues earn an average of Sh366,590.

The average cash earnings of employees in the private sector were low because of having the largest proportion of workers in the minimum wage category. The report further says that during 2015 about 2,334,969 persons were employed in formal sector establishments in Tanzania Mainland. Out of those persons, 766,803 were employed in public sector and 1,568,165 were employed in private sector which had almost twice as much as the public sector. The share of males was 63.0 per cent and that of females was 37.0 per cent. Regular employees totalled 2,060,013 while number of casual workers stood at 274,956.


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