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TAMISEMI:25,000 Employment Opportunities for Health Sector

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The Office of the President, Regional Administration and Local Government (EMPLOYMENT), during the financial year 2018/19, has requested a permit to employ some 25,000 health care practitioners.
This was commented yesterday in the parliamentary deputy minister of the Presidency - Tamisemi, Josephat Kandege as he answered the Mbulu MP's question in Zacharia Issaay.

In his question, the MP wanted to know what the government's strategy to raise staff at Mbulu District Hospital.

"The government is implementing an extension plan for more than 200 health centers in the country, how does the government take action to deal with the challenges of staff, finances and work?" He asked.

Responding to the question, Deputy Minister Kandege said the purpose of employing the staff is to ensure that there are qualified staff at hospitals, health centers and clinics.

He noted that the needs of the sector staff in Mbulu town Council are 345, existing staff are 206 and deficiency is 139 staff.

"The government has continued to hire health workers as they graduate and are organized directly into health care centers," she said.

In addition, Kandege said in the financial year 2017/18 government has hired 2,085 health care practitioners in the regions and councils and fiscal year 2018/19 The Council has requested a permit to hire 91 staff  to reduce the decrease.

Also Deputy Prime Minister Kandege said the government continues to build 208 health centers across the country to improve emergency care for pregnant women.

He explained that construction of the centers would cost Sh. 132.9 billion to completion and also deducted Shs. 35.7 billion for the purchase of equipment and medical supplies to enable them to provide care for patients.

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