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Top 10 of Poorest Countries In Europe that Most of African Countries Are Richer Than!!

Romania-PovertyEurope is world's second littlest landmass by surface zone. The Eurozone entered its first authority retreat in the second from last quarter of 2008. This had a colossal negative effect on numerous nations of Europe.

This rundown mirrors the GDP per capita, the GDP, or aggregate market estimation of merchandise and enterprises created by the national economy amid the most recent year, as to every individual in the nation.

Here is a short outline of the 10 poorest countries in Europe with their per capita data.

10. Romania ($18,635)

Almost 44 percent of the population of Romania lives in rural areas. Poverty has a firm grip on Romania’s rural areas.

9. Russia (18,408)

Russia suffers from high wealth inequality. While few enjoy almost royal lifestyle, millions suffer the ill effects of poverty.

8. Croatia ($18,314)

Percentage of population below poverty has been increasing consistently in Croatia.
Village Lozisca in the hills on island Brac in Croatia
Lozisca, Brac Island, Croatia

7. Belarus ($15,633)

Even though poverty in Belarus has declined over time, the nation has still a long way to go.

6. Bulgaria ($14,870)

Bulgaria is one of the poor nations not only in the European Union, but also in the Balkans as a whole.

5. Montenegro ($11,800)

Montenegro is mostly a service-based economy. However, population below the poverty line which was 12.2 percent in 2003 had come to 6.6 percent in 2010.
Photo: Ivan Milutinovic
Photo: Ivan Milutinovic

4. Serbia ($11,553)

Corruption and poor state of infrastructure have contributed to Serbia’s poverty. More than 1.3 million citizens of Serbia are poor, or barely make ends meet.
Panorama of Belgrade by day

3. Macedonia ($10,718)

Rural poverty plagues Macedonia, impacting its economic progress negatively. This former Yugoslav republic’s rural areas are home to two-thirds of its poor.
Image result for Macedonia

2. Albania ($9,903)

Antiquated and inadequate infrastructure contributes to Albania’s poor business environment and lack of success in attracting foreign investments.

1. Bosnia and Herzegovina ($8,590)

Poverty in Bosnia and Herzegovina is substantial compared to some neighboring nations.

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