Saturday, April 29, 2017

Snake farming and its Benefits

A snake farm is a facility that houses and breeds a wide variety of snakes, often for the purpose of research,food and the collection of venom for the creation of antivenom. Many snake farms are primarily tourist attractions. Notable snake farms exist in the United States, Thailand, and China.

Snake Farming is one of profitable agriculture opportunity available nowadays, one can develop a farm, In is this topic we can account the value of the "snake venom" exists on.The venom of the snake is used extensively in manufacturing pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries so the value of "snake venom" exists on much due to his need.

One gram of "snake venom" for the international market sells for $ 1880, and the southern African market sells for 25,000 Rand estimates * If you could imagine starting your field of snakes, the following are important factors to consider in order to get enough profit from cultivated snake venom 1.Consider the temperature and air.
Snakes need a temperature of 24-29 degrees Celsius standard times of the day and 21-24 at night,

2.Snakes houses need to be cleaned regularly

Such a situation will help to promote the production of snake to maximum.Snakes need to be kept safe place to prevent any of the health problems to find.

3.Snake usually feed on mice fed with 3-4 and 3-4 weeks .Snakes feed living on living but they can eat dead too, like playing snakes and rats eat them first before it is better to provide them with the living.

3 Benefits of snake husbandry

1.Production of venom that you sell you get a huge amount of money.

2.Reduce and eradicate pests such as rats etc.The main diet of Snake is mice that helps to Clean farm or house to eliminate these pests.

Prescription Synthetic kill the snake venom from snake venom, namely anti-venom, is the only effective treatments for snakebite.
 Lastly I urge the brothers not to kill the snake, the snake is our friend and not our enemy.We need to utilize accordingly and be helpful.