Friday, January 26, 2018

TAMISEMI:Jafo declared a Good News For Teachers

Teacher Service Commission, justify Teachers Promotion - Minister Jafo!
Nteghenjwa Hosseah, OR-TAMISEMI
Minister of State Office of the Regional Presidential Administration and Local Government Mr Selemani Jafo has asked the TSC staff to manage and ensure that all teachers are Promoted on time according to their Education in order to mitigate our Teachers' complaint in the country.
Minister Jafo said at the opening of meeting of the Committee of the District Teachers Committee for Dodoma Regional, Morogoro and Singida District, held at Chuo cha Mipango na Maendeleo vijijini on 26/01/2017.

Minister Jafo said that there had been complaints, delays and delays from Teachers on the issue of Promotion awards that did not slowly be hired in 2000 and could be similar to the one employed in 2008 and others have upgrade their Education without any change.

'This commission should work to restore the status of teachers, to build their dignity and value in the Community, to carry out their basic complaints on their Promotion based on their working hours, their education and their performance; That does not depend on "favor" of the Secretary of Staff of the Commission present in the area '

The same time Jafo emphasized the members of the Task Force Committee Committees that this conference should be used to provide work knowledge, how to work more accurately in light of the law enforcement of the 2015 GOVERNMENT SERVICE COMMISSION and its 2016 Code of Conduct .

'This Commission Yes, the Refugee of Teachers, is the dependent on the solution of all Teachers' problems because the Teachers 'Commission is the Employer of the Teachers, Supervises Teachers' Discipline and the entire Masterless Employment Process at work so that you work in the right, avoid corruption, Wisdom and Wisdom in Responsible Teachers'

In addition, Minister Jafo did not hesitate to remind members of the Commissioner's Staffing Commission on the division of Teachers in the councils by focusing on the interim training sessions and the placement of current figures of current Teachers, who are expected to retire this year and set up new jobs that will be needed from vacancies retirees soon.

"The figures are no longer reluctant through the Commission. Make sure you have the first Statistical Data for Teachers Distribution in each Council. The division of teachers present in Malinyi is similar to the division of Municipal Teachers not a Municipal Teacher teaching two sessions a week when he or she has to teach 20 and as well as the needs of teachers according to the lessons they teach in terms of the number of retirees "said Jafo.

Minister Jafo concluded his speech to the Commission to make a thorough assessment of the values ​​of teachers and students and teachers who violate the Law, Code and ethics of work of teachers including negligence, work hardship, corruption, and sexual relations with students to be disciplined.
The Chairperson of the Ministerial Service Commissioner Ndg.Oliva Mhaiki said members of the TSC District Committees were appointed by the Commission at the Tar 20-25 / 02/2017 meeting and since they were appointed and started their duties they have not been trained anyway so the Secretariat has seen the presence the importance of conducting a meeting of the work aimed at coordinating their responsibilities and responsibilities as a committee.