Saturday, March 31, 2018

Jobs Openings in CANADA – Canada Jobs in all sectors – Apply Now

  • The primary industries: mining, oil, gas and hydro power.
  • Health and social services (nurses, health technicians, kindergarten teachers, social workers.)
  • Technical Services Professional, scientific and (computer scientists, engineers, technicians in engineering, chemistry and biology.

  • Nitty gritty Trade (store chiefs, representatives, business people, butchers.)
  • Banking, fund, (protection operators, client benefit specialists, money related investigators, claims specialists, instructors monetary arranging.)
  • Hospitality and providing food (cooks, confectioners, servers, lodging receptionists, servers, and so forth.) 
  • Average Salary : Min C$150,000 Per Year
    Medical : Yes
    Bonus : Yes
    Lunch Allowance : Yes
    Holidays : All Government Holidays and also 30 day leave
    Position Type: Full Time / Part time 
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Looking for possition as a pipe fitter

Looking for factory worker,parking helper,kitchen helper