Monday, May 7, 2018

New International Vacancies at DHL World wide

We offer a wide range of career opportunities and entry opportunities. Here you can find all our open jobs .
We are a global team of dedicated and experienced employees from different cultures and countries. Get to know us and learn more about what it is really like to be a part of DHL.
The compensation you receive will depend on a number of factors, most notably your role, your performance and your location.

Using a systematic job evaluation, we provide a fair and equitable compensation structure within the group. As you would expect, your salary will be based on your responsibilities, how well you carry them out and the value you provide to the business. It will also depend, however, on the national laws of the country you work in, local market conditions and, where applicable, existing collective agreements.
When it comes to benefits, it largely depends on where you’re based. Here’s an overview of some of the benefits we offer.