Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The Government has released New 22,150 Employment for Teachers and Health Sector

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The government said it would increase the salary of public servants next year's financial year. It has also said that until Saturday it will provide 22,150 new jobs for this financial year this week before 30.June.2018

The statement was released in parliament in Dodoma yesterday by the Minister of State, the Presidential Office - Public Service Management and Good Governance, George Mkuchika, as contributing to a discussion of the proposals for the central government budget for the next financial year and the National Economic Report for In 2017.

He said the government had stopped employment, to ensure that Verifying was done but after the exercise was completed, the jobs had begun to be released.

Mkuchika said the verification identified 19,708 Ghost workers and 14,409 others with firms certificates.

He said that up Saturday 30/June/2018, 22,150 jobs will be released. Between them 7,000 are teachers and  8,000 healthcare.

However, the government's target for the financial year was to employ 52,000 new employees.
"Honorable MPs for those jobs, no plans will be completed and they miss the staff," Mkuchika said.

Regarding public servants not being paid for a long time, Mkuchika said the argument is not correct because the government has taken over 2017/18 and in the next financial year 2018/19.

However, the minister noted that the government is now implementing major development projects including health care and water resources that will enable the country's economy to grow.

He said that once the budgetary capacity was good government would not be able to raise salaries for public servants.

"For employees who should be promoted, but did not get the opportunity to retire, they should go to their employers to fill out a special form for their payment," Mkuchika said.