Friday, December 14, 2018

Check the List of Jobs at the St. John’s Hospital Lugarawa, Njombe



St. John’s Hospital Lugarawa

The preservation and improvement of health care is an essential factor in economic and social development of the entire region, so that the support of these basic services has far-reaching positive impact on all the people in the catchment area. The mere existence of the hospital creates greater ties to the region and represents an economic hotspot, which has allowed a relatively insignificant small town in rural areas to grow into a regional center. To continue this development and to support St. John’s Hospital in meeting the increasing demands has been a central aspect of our work since the beginning of our commitment to Lugarawa.

St. John’s Hospital in Lugarawa, Tanzania. The hospital has up to 160 inpatients, with three local doctors covering the entire medical field. Since the energy supply for St. John’s Hospital was in a very precarious situation, HFL developed a four-stage concept in 2012 (see document below) and co-ordinated it with community and hospital officials.

Check the pdf below for more details about the jobs