Sunday, January 20, 2019

New Job List at The Karanga Leather Industries Company Co. Ltd (KLIC Ltd), Moshi


BACKGROUND: The Karanga Leather Industries Company Co. Ltd (KLIC Ltd) was established as a joint venture company limited between the then PPF Pensions Fund now PSSSF and Tanzania Prisons Service through its company known as Prisons Corporation Sole on 17th day of May 2017 to undertake development and operate leather Industries in Karanga Area, Moshi Municipality.
The establishment of the Company is in line with the implementation of the second Five Year Development Plan (FYDP II) aiming at ensuring that Tanzania becomes industrialized (Tanzania ya Viwanda) and middle income economy by the year 2025. The Company was registered on 30th May 2017 and issued with the certificate of incorporation number 135503. The main objective of the Company is to produce quality shoes and other leather related products for internal and external markets

The Karanga Leather Industries Company Limited (KLICL) intends to hire qualified, energetic, dynamic and proactive Tanzanians to fill the following positions in the organization structure.  The incumbents will be responsible for operationalization of the Leather Industries project and implementation of short and long-term strategic plans of the Company.
Below are currently available jobs at The Karanga Leather Industries Company Limited (KLICL): 

JOB TITLE: Audit Manager
The Audit Manager will be accountable for the identification and reporting on all significant control weaknesses in the Company. He/ she is expected to help the Company to accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes.
The Audit Manager should be a holder of a Masters Degree in Business Administration, or relevant field. He/she should be registered with NBAA as CPA (T) and shall have at least seven (7) years’ working experience in the audit field. Working experience and qualifications in industrial related works is an added advantage.
  • Perform and control the full audit cycle including risk management and control management over operations’ effectiveness, financial reliability and compliance with all applicable directives and regulations,
  • Determine internal audit scope and develop annual plans.
  • Obtain, analyze and evaluate accounting documentation, previous reports, data, flowcharts etc.
  • Prepare and present reports that reflect audit’s results and document process,
  • Act as an objective source of independent advice to ensure validity, legality and goal achievement,
  • Identify loopholes and recommend risk management measures and cost savings,
  • Maintain open communication with management and audit committee of the Board
  • Document process and prepare audit findings memorandum,
  • Conduct follow up audits to monitor management’s interventions, and,
  • Engage to continuous knowledge development regarding sector’s rules, regulations, best practices, tools, techniques and performance standards

JOB TITLE: HSE/Environmental Engineer
The HSE/ Environmental Engineer is responsible for designing, planning and performing engineering duties in the prevention, control, and remediation of environmental health hazards utilizing various engineering disciplines by ensuring compliance with Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA), National Environmental Management Council (NEMC) guidelines, rules and regulations. He/She will be part of the team and responsible for planning, monitoring and reporting of the project progress and capable of working in multi-skilled environment. 
The HSE/ Environmental Engineer will be holder of a relevant Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences and Management, Safety Management, Environmental Engineering or a relevant field from a recognised higher learning institution with proven work experience of not less than 3 years in relevant field, with in depth knowledge of environmental legislations and procedures. Masters Degree, Knowledge of potential hazardous chemicals and/ or materials or practices. Familiarity with conducting data analysis and reporting statistics, will be an added advantage
  1. Advise on various safety-related topics noise levels, use of machinery etc.
  2. Conduct risk assessment and enforce preventive measures
  3. Review existing policies and measures and update accordingly as per rules, laws and regulations.
  4. Initiate and organize OSHA training for all employees.
  5. Inspect factory premises and the work of personnel to identify issues or non-conformity
  6. Ensure good housekeeping practices to maintain factories’ cleanliness and follow all safety and environmental regulations in order to ensure incident/accident-free work.
  7. Oversee installations, maintenance, disposal of substances etc.
  8. Stop any unsafe acts or processes that seem dangerous or unhealthy
  9. Record and investigate incidents to determine causes and handle worker’s compensation claims
  10. Prepare accurate reports on all incidents and provide statistical information to management
  11. Adhere to established medical protocols and procedures as well as legal guidelines and health and safety standards
JOB TITLE: Electrical Technicians
The Electrical Technicians will assist the Electromechanical Engineer by maintaining and repairing the electronic components and equipments in production.
Holder of Ordinary Diploma or equivalent in relevant subject area from a recognised learning institution with proven working experience of at least 3 years in similar position
  1. Responding quickly to all service requests and efficiently repair electrical systems
  2. Assists in conducting tests and assessments of new systems and repairs existing equipments to ensure quality products are produced
  3. Assists in installing new equipments and wiring to expand infrastructure as needed
  4. Assists in conducting periodic inspection for new electrical services including wiring, conduit, panels, breakers, contractors, relays, timers and controls.
  5. Operates a variety of standard power tools, equipment and trenchers in electrical installations, maintenance and repair activities on a regular basis.
  6. Perform other various tasks as instructed by management.
JOB TITLE: Electromechanical Engineer
The Electromechanical Engineer is responsible for electrical engineering               design, develop, and test electrical devices and equipments, including communications systems, power generators. He/ she will also oversee the manufacture of these devices, systems, and equipments and will be part of the team working in multi-skilled environment.
Holder of a relevant Bachelor of Science B. Sc in Engineering (Mechanical, Chemical, Industrial or equivalent) with knowledge of hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical, electronics (PLC), hydraulics, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, machining and fabricating from a recognised higher learning institution with proven work experience of not less than 3 years in relevant field and registered as Professional Engineer with the Engineers Registration Board.
  1. Repairs, maintenance, installation & wiring of electrical and mechanical equipment (including but not limited to motors, transformers, generators, control panels, laying and terminating Cables, Glands, Lighting )and other electrical systems and components in compliance with electrical codes and standard practice
  2. Study electrical drawings/ circuits, symbols, specification, work orders to determine work requirements as per sequence/ schedules of repairs and maintenance jobs.
  3. Ensure Machine Availability for operation and attending any breakdown to fix in minimal possible time.
  4. Analyses equipment failures to determine cause(s) and makes necessary adjustments or repairs
  5. Responsible for maintenance of all facilities and perform mechanical and electrical maintenance of facility, as needed
  6. Conduct the daily, weekly and monthly preventive maintenance inspections
  7. Perform any other duties as assigned by his/her supervisor.
    Attractive package commensurate with one’s qualification awaits the successful candidate. 

    Candidates are required to provide their detailed curriculum vitae, certified copies of academic certificates (Certificate of Secondary Education, Advance Certificate for Secondary Education, Bachelor/Masters Degree), birth certificates and three works related referees. Please note that the certificates not certified and provisional statement of results will not be accepted.

    Application should be submitted to the following address:
    Managing Director,
    Karanga Leather Industries Co. Ltd,
    4th Floor, Kilimanjaro Commercial Complex, Aga Khan Road,
    PO. Box 74,
    Application should be submitted not later than 31st January 2019.